An F1 car decked in Audi colours, dark grey with a red base and red rims.

F1 22 Podium Pass 4: Audi Livery Now Available

F1 22

Can’t wait until 2026 to race an Audi-liveried F1 car in an officially licenced game? Well, good news! In the latest season of the Podium Pass, the Audi launch livery is now available.

Image credit: Codemasters / EA

The latest edition of the F1 22 Podium Pass is now active. In previous iterations, there have been liveries and helmet designs from drivers like Daniel Ricciardo, George Russell and Lando Norris. They even got designs done by famous content creators like Aarava, Tiametmarduk and MaximeMXM.

This time round, it’s quite the treat for fans of a particular German automotive brand. Audi announced their entry into F1 for the 2026 season in the lead up to the Belgian Grand Prix. They are partnering up with Sauber who currently compete under the Alfa Romeo brand. They showed off a concept livery, and it’s now available in F1 22 as part of Podium Pass Series 4.

If the player buys the VIP section of the Podium Pass, they gain access to the Audi launch livery without having to level up. This makes it available for usage in online ranked and other gamemodes where the spec car is used, but also importantly, the My Team career mode.

So if anybody wants to be a perfect blend of Audi Motorsport leader Rolf Michl and Audi factory racing driver René Rast, they can be the owner/driver of one of the world’s leading automotive brands. Maybe tempt Sebastian Vettel out of retirement or prevent Mick Schumacher from getting dropped to be Audi F1 drivers.

What Else Is In The Podium Pass?

There is another livery available at the start of the Podium Pass. In the Free section, McLaren’s ‘Racing Future Mode’ livery from the Singapore and Japanese Grand Prix is available to apply to the spec car. Not the first time a limited time livery has been made available for the spec car, as Red Bull’s white 2021 Turkish GP livery was added to F1 2021.

Also included in the Podium Pass are a lot of festive-themed items like gloves, driver suits, liveries, even a helmet meant to resemble a Christmas Pudding. There’s even one of those ugly sweaters for your avatar to wear around the F1 Life apartment, so everyone on your friends list can know what horrific taste you have.

A close up of a driver in a red F1 car, using gloves with a Christmas pattern on it and a helmet styled to resemble a Christmas pudding.
Like the pumpkin helmet from Halloween in F1 2019, this Christmas pudding helmet may be a popular choice. Image credit: Codemasters / EA

Along with all that, there is the usual batch of podium celebration emotes, victory radio calls, poses, and so on. At Tier 31 for both free and VIP, there are some terrifying new badge emblems that we will let you see for yourself.

Aside from all the new content in the Podium Pass, there is also a limited time gamemode.

Race Royale

Back when Fortnite popularised the Battle Royale gamemode, plenty of other games began following suit. Call of Duty brought out Warzone and even Forza Horizon 4 implemented a gamemode called ‘The Eliminator’, which has since carried over to Forza Horizon 5. It seems now, the F1 games have gotten in on the fun.

Available now is Elimination Mode, which is effectively last driver standing. There’s a timer setup in the top right and whoever is in last place when the time runs out is eliminated, and the last driver on the track is declared the winner. Think of it as a much better version of elimination qualifying that F1 trialled in the first two races of 2016.

A player's POV in F1 22 on Jeddah with the names of other players in the game but every one below the player's name has 'eliminated' next to their name.
Make sure you are not the last driver on track when the time runs out! Image credit: Codemasters / EA

The community have pointed out some criticisms with the mode, as the cars all use a baseline setup and there’s no tyre wear. This may be to level the playing field and not give a huge advantage to experienced players.

Nevertheless, Elimination Mode can be found in the Multiplayer & Weekly Event sections. Play it now for a limited time, although there is no specified end date for it. As for the Podium Pass, it runs until 14 January.

Do you plan on getting the Audi F1 livery in F1 22? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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