EA Sports F1 23 Formula 2 Update
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F1 23: 2023 F2 Cars Out Now in Sports Update

F1 23

After announcing it a few weeks ago, EA Sports has released the 2023 F2 cars in F1 23 alongside a number of changes in the Sports Update.

UPDATE 16/10/2023:

The latest update to EA Sport’s F1 23 has released today. Bringing the title to version 1.15, it includes a selection of fixes that will surely please the community. However, it is the car refreshments that truly dominate the so-called F1 23 Sports Update.

As part of this latest version of the game, F1 23 receives a number of tweaks to the Formula One car models. Since the game’s launch, teams have brought a seemingly never-ending stream of updates to their cars. With this version, the cars should be accurate as of the most recent GP, Qatar. This includes the 3D models, but also the liveries and team wear.

For those even more enamoured by the F1 circus, the current Formula 2 cars, teams, drivers and liveries are all in the game. Rather than forcibly racing the 2022 season of F2 cars, one can now jump aboard the final set of Dallara F2/18 liveries. In fact, the junior rung of the feeder series ladder will get a new model next year.

Aside from the headlining refreshments, F1 23 gets a number of fixes and improvements in the Sports Update. The full changelog is available here.

  • Addition of the F2™ 2023 season in-game
  • Addition of ‘F1® Pro Series’ drivers to the Icon driver pool in My Team
  • Sports Update for F1® 23, changes to vehicle geometry, bodywork, sponsors, colours, and team attire have all been made
  • Fixed an issue where the Singapore Grand Prix was incorrectly 61 laps instead of 62
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to get ‘Speeding under the Safety Car’ penalties when entering the pits with a negative delta time
  • Fixed an incorrect bump on the pitlane entry of Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, potentially unsettling the car 
  • Fixed an issue with corner cutting and track limits at the Las Vegas Strip Circuit. This necessitates TT leaderboards for Las Vegas to be reset in this patch
  • Fixed an issue where the front suspension on the official cars was not attached to the wheel
  • Fixed an issue where textures on top of the halo were not correct on the Ferrari SF-23
  • General Stability Improvements
  • Various Minor Fixes


Upon launch back in early June, F1 23 released with a selection of 2023 Formula One team liveries accurate to the early races of the season. Furthermore, with liveries and drivers accurate to the 2022 Formula 2 season, EA announced the current season would release later in the year.

Well, it is now later in the year and EA Sports has announced what is coming in the next major F1 23 update. With up-to-date liveries for both F1 and F2 as well as numerous challenges, F1 23 players will have plenty to do in October.

Current F1 23 Liveries

Throughout an F1 season, teams apply various changes to their car livery and design. In fact, outfits like McLaren and Williams seemingly update their colours every weekend. Additionally, teams tend to bring radical car upgrade packages to each event. Therefore, ensuring the F1 23 cars are fully accurate is a difficult task.

But with this latest update, releasing on 16 October, players will finally have a game perfectly representative of the sport in its current state. Indeed, every car and livery is being remodelled to reflect how they appear in real life. For instance, Mercedes will certainly no longer feature the early season version of its car with minimal sidepods.

In addition to the Formula 1 cars becoming accurate to a more recent version of the game, F1 23 will also include the 2023 F2 season of cars and drivers. At launch, the title featured last year’s collection as the developers focused on perfecting the F1 line-up. But with the game now released, focus has switched to the junior category. Each livery and driver currently in the series will feature in the game from the middle of October.

At the Italian Grand Prix, FOM unveiled the car set to power next year’s Formula 2 stars to victory. Featuring styling more akin to the ground effect F1 racers and much more pronounced aero, it is a looker of a car. Will we see this model emerge in the game in later updates? Only time will tell.

Events in October

In addition to announcing the refreshed content, EA Sports provided insight into upcoming F1 World events taking place in October. Since the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort, fans have had the chance to win special car liveries or designs by taking on different drivers in time trial events.

It seems these Pro Challenges are set to continue. Currently, one can log on to the game and compete in the most recent of these. Until 2 October, fans can try and beat Max Verstappen’s Suzuka time of 1:28:177. Do this and you will win the Dutch driver’s Japanese GP helmet.

Further events in this style are set to take place for each Grand Prix in October. The Qatar Grand Prix, United States Grand Prix at COTA and Mexican Grand Prix will all get their own Pro Challenge. F1 Replay events in which players can recount important moments of each race will also be available.

Finally, the developers tease unique Scenario Events for both Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez. These will take place from 17-22 October and 23-30 October respectively. So keep an eye out.

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