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F1 23 Deep Dive: Braking Point and F1 World

F1 23

The latest F1 23 deep dive has revealed more details on Braking Point 2 and F1 World. The developers are promising a deeper and less linear narrative for the story mode and a heavily revamped hub for the game.

After the first F1 23 deep dive on 11 May, the next was promised on 19 May. With the cancellation of the Emilia Romagna GP due to floods in the region, the team at EA and Codemasters decided it would be better to postpone the deep dive until today, 22 May.

Within the reveal were new details about the upcoming second chapter of Braking Point, and what the new F1 World feature will include. So here’s everything revealed in the latest deep dive.

Variable Storymode

One of the most common criticisms of Braking Point in F1 2021 is that the storymode was linear and there were no alternative outcomes for scenarios. It would appear EA and Codemasters have made it their mission to rectify that for F1 23, as there were plenty of indications that the storymode could have strong re-playability.

Braking Point 2 spans the 2022 and 2023 seasons, with plenty of characters from F1 2021 returning like Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler being teammates but also Cas Akkerman who is now their team principal. Within the new fictional Konnersport Butler Global Racing Team, the pair learn to have to work together but are both under major scrutiny as a new face may challenge their places in the team.

Becoming the first woman to win the Formula 2 championship, Callie Mayer will most certainly be in contention for a seat, as she is – like Devon – Konnersport title sponsor Davidoff Butler’s child. Codemasters and EA consulted Williams academy driver and W Series champion Jamie Chadwick when conceptulising the character of Mayer.

A woman to the left and a man to the right wearing clothes with yellow, purple and black colours.
Who will Mayer be replacing in your playthrough of Braking Point? Image credit: Codemasters / EA

As the player progresses through the story, there will be a Performance and Reputation level that will rise or fall based on the outcome of certain scenarios. These will change depending on both actions on track and reactions to press interviews. There will also be input on the management side.

Completing and failing an objective can alter the way a storyline plays out. Therefore unlike in F1 2021 where failing a scenario means you have to redo it, F1 23‘s Braking Point is less of a 100m running track and more a diverting set of roads with many more diverting sets after that.

Every little decision you make is set to make a considerable impact on the playthrough. So could F1 23‘s Braking Point have multiple different endings?

A line up of race drivers and their stats in F1 23 My Team.
You can now hire Braking Point characters in your My Team career mode. Image credit: Codemasters / EA

An additional bonus for those who pre-order the games, it is now possible to hire the Braking Point characters like Jackson and Butler for your My Team career modes.

Plus, seen for a few frames by eagle-eyed viewers, some never before included past F1 drivers can now be signed like Kamui Kobayashi and the man, the myth, the legend, Pastor Maldonado!

EDIT 24/05/2023: Along with Kobayashi and Maldonado, two other new additional My Team icons have also been confirmed in the form of 1992 F1 World Champion Nigel Mansell and the aforementioned Jamie Chadwick.

F1 World

In F1 22, the main menu took the form of an apartment with the supercars on display. It was dubbed F1 Life, and it never exactly captured the imaginations of the playerbase. But now, it has seen a major revamp. This time round, it’s called F1 World.

It retains many of the elements of F1 Life, but has now evolved to incorporate a selection of time-limited events. For completing challenges both online and solo, you climb up the progression system and can earn rewards for completing objectives.

One of the elements of progression is the tech level, which will unlock upgrades for your F1 World car.

The F1 World car in fluorescent yellow.
You can upgrade your F1 World car. Image credit: Codemasters / EA

If anybody has ever maximised the performance of the My Team car, prepare for the prospect of doing that in multiplayer races. Climbing up the tech level results in unlocking car parts and team members, resulting in the car performing better. There are other upgrades available in the Podium Pass, both in the free and VIP tiers.

With that being said, the ranked mode will retain the equal performance so it won’t punish those who aren’t as dedicated to upgrading their F1 World Car. There’s also an overhauled ranked mode, with players being grouped into divisions depending on rank, with the top select players being promoted into the division above for the following week.

To incentivise players to compete in ranked races, there are boosts in Podium Pass XP between 5-20% handed out depending on which rank the player is in.

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