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F1 23: New Konnersport Team in Braking Point 2

F1 23

With the official reveal for F1 23 coming 1 May, Codemasters and EA have officially confirmed a story mode follow-up to Braking Point with a fictional team.

After a Formula 2 prologue in F1 2019 at the start of the career mode, Codemasters and EA set sights on developing a fully fledged storymode in F1 2021. Dubbed Braking Point, it featured original characters and depicted the cutthroat world of Formula One.

In the centre of it all were three major characters. Fresh-faced F1 rookie Aiden Jackson, seasoned veteran Casper Akkerman and, carried over from the F2 prologue, pantomime villain Devon Butler.

For F1 23, the story mode is back, and it is a direct follow-up to Braking Point. This time round, it is focused on a brand new team called Konnersport. In the reveal video, it was set up like a team launch that would be expected before the start of the season.

One of the team sponsors is Butler Global, implying that a company connected to Devon Butler is paying for him to be there. He is definitely one of the drivers, as he is involved in the presentation via a call-in and his race number 71 is featured.

But the other number seen for a few frames? 89. Aiden Jackson’s number. Yes, Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler will be teammates in the yellow and purple Konnersport cars for this follow-up to Braking Point.

What Happened in Braking Point?

In the story of Braking Point, Devon Butler is attempting to cause tension between Jackson and his teammate Akkerman. He is successful, and the player goes through scenarios where their conflict harms the team. Jackson and Akkerman can race for a variety of teams through the 2020 and 2021 seasons, but the story never changes.

Come the end of the season, Jackson and Akkerman’s team successfully gets fourth in the constructors championship ahead of Butler’s team. Akkerman retires, and Jackson has hope of signing for either Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull. But from what it appears thanks to this reveal, that either never happens or he falls out of favour with his hopeful new team after 2022.

Braking Point was met with mixed feedback, many players criticised the linear structure. The community wasn’t that interested in seeing the story mode return, but perhaps the F1 23 story mode will improve in the areas that players took issue with.

At the end of the reveal video, there is official confirmation that the full F1 23 reveal will take place 1 May. Tune back to OverTake for all the latest news on F1 23 as well as other driving games, esports racing and heroes of the community.

EDIT 01/05/2023: The official reveal of F1 23 is now set to take place on 3 May. The reveal stream has been preloaded to YouTube.

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