Here are the updated F1 23 Driver Ratings as of November
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F1 23 November Driver Ratings Update Sees Shock Moves

F1 23

In an update yesterday, EA released the updated driver ratings for F1 23, accurate to November. Ever controversial, the figures see big moves at the front of the field. Do you agree with them?

In the real world, the 2023 Formula One season is coming to a close with just one race to go. But in the F1 Sim Racing world, things are just heating up. This week, the series’ major esports series gets under way. But before all that, the single player world of F1 23 also gets some excitement this week.

In its November update, F1 23 saw its driver ratings receive a minor overhaul. With change up and down the AI field, change may be afoot in your My Team campaign. Certainly, changes to the top group of drivers may cause some controversy. Here are all the changes explained.

F1 23 Driver Rating Gains

Formula One drivers are paid to travel the world and drive the most incredible cars in the world. But surely the most thrilling part of their job is finding out they have done enough to secure a Driver Rating boost in F1 23. Well, four lucky racers have done just that for this November update. It seems gaining experience in one’s rookie season is a fantastic way of growing one’s overall score.

Oscar Piastri and Logan Sargeant are two newbies to the paddock this year and consistently see gains in rating. The McLaren driver in particular sees gains across the board, especially in the Racecraft category. That being said, with a few strong results towards the tail end of the season, Sargeant receives a deserved boost as well. The pair both get single point increases.

Carlos Sainz is among the top four drivers in F1 according to EA
Carlos Sainz is among the top four drivers in F1 according to EA. Image credit: EA Sports

Guanyu Zhou is another driver lacking experience in 2023. Whilst he was on the grid last year, this is just his second season in F1, and it shows in his rating. In this November F1 23 update, he gets a two-point overall boost thanks to across the board gains. Now sitting at 82 points, he is firmly in the pack.

The final driver to increase their F1 23 Rating this November is Carlos Sainz. After his fantastic Singapour win, he manages to gain two points on the overall rating list. This places the Spaniard clearly ahead of his teammate, Charles Leclerc and makes him just the fourth driver in the 90s. His seat among the top four drivers on the grid is sure to get discussion going. What do you make of it?

Big Losers in November

Whilst some drivers have managed to make gains since the last update, the majority of racers are seeing rating losses in this patch. In fact, a whopping 13 drivers receive hits to their Pace score. Despite making overall gains thanks to his rookie season experience progressing dramatically, Piastri sees one of the largest Pace losses.

The driver taking the biscuit when it comes to losing driver rating in November however is Valtteri Bottas. Losing in all categories bar Experience, his overall rating drops five points to 82. He now sits level with his Chinese teammate. It seems this drop for Bottas best reflects Zhou’s sudden increase in performance rather than the Finn slowing down. Perhaps EA misjudged the difference between teammates upon release of F1 23.

Valtteri Bottas loses the most F1 23 driver rating in November
Valtteri Bottas loses the most F1 23 driver rating in November. Image credit: EA Sports

Another driver that sees a strange loss in Rating is Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian driver has completed just six races in 2023, and has not had much time to prove himself. He has already scored points and is looking strong against his Japanese teammate. However, with EA initially ranking him in the high-80s, that figure does drop by two points. An overall score of 84 sees him sitting just ahead of his less experienced stablemate.

Despite a tremendous performance in Vegas, Lance Stroll is also among the biggest losers. His Overall Rating drops further to 79, having consistently dropped the leaderboard at each major update.

Many other drivers have seen a single-point reduction in overall score. This is namely due to the aforementioned mass Pace drop. One final Driver Rating update is reportedly coming to F1 23 before the end of its life cycle. But until then, check out the current ratings here.

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