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F1 23 Release: First Reactions Positive

F1 23

The reactions for F1 23 are in, and for the first time in a few years for Codemasters, they are mostly positive!

It’s that time of year, the annual Formula One game by Codemasters is now available. Currently, Champions Edition owners are able to play the game whilst the rest of the community will have to wait until 16 June.

So what are the biggest talking points in this year’s game? What new inclusions and changes can you expect from F1 23? Here are the overall reactions from the community.

New Features

Immediately, there are plenty of additions that are the major headlines for the new game. The Braking Point storymode returns with a new chapter that sees Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler teaming up at the brand new Konnersport team.

There’s a new overhauled multiplayer and safety rating system that can allow players to be paired up with those whose etiquette matches. Not only that, but also a brand new gamemode called F1 World, which has been likened to FIFA‘s Ultimate Team.

As expected, the full content from F1’s current season, FIA Formula 2’s previous season (with the current season content coming in an update later this year) and also the Supercars from F1 22 are in the game. Also the 2023 season tracks are in the game including new venues Las Vegas and Losail, as well as former venues Shanghai, Portimão and Paul Ricard.

There are many additions that perhaps haven’t been highlighted though. For multiplayer races, an option can be enabled to change whether players can tweak the setups of their cars. It can be left open for anyone to use any setup they please, or they can only use the presets provided to them, or even turned off altogether.

iRacing and other major racing games have had this feature for a long time, and it’s very popular with the playerbase. Not everyone is so technically inclined and knows how to make a good setup, so locking the same baseline setup will provide a level playing field.

Another addition that may not have been boasted about: Force Cockpit View. Every year, the so-called ‘purists’ always complain about how not everyone uses cockpit cam. Well if you’re not a fan of cockpit view, make sure you never end up in a lobby with one of these purists because now they’re able to fix the view to cockpit cam.

A menu in F1 23, one bar  saying Car Setup highlighted with 'Fixed' next to it.
Setup merchants beware! The lobby host can now prevent you from loading up your World Record setups. Image credit: Codemasters / EA

Player Reactions

It’s difficult to completely gauge the playerbase reactions immediately but it would appear it’s very positive. Having become so accustomed to the games being a bit of a disappointment, the one time that the new game is a considerable step up from its predecessor is refreshing for many players.

Judging by the comments on the reveal trailer, many are delighted with the handling model improvements. One user wrote: “Handling and traction is night and day difference compared to 22. Only played it for a few hours, but when compared to the last game, this is a big step up.”

Another went further and commended both the handling model changes as well as new features: “Honestly feels awesome so far, cars feel very silky and responsive (which is amazing) and with that it’s much easier to save a slide or if you apply too much throttle. overall it’s worth it”.

They continued: “F1 World is really fun and actual a new gamemode worth playing the new sounds (engine, skidblock etc) are so much more realistic kerbs and ERS sound cool too the menu and its graphical overhaul makes the game feel more organised and tidy night races look much cooler, lighting feels more realistic”.

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