Win this special helmet in the latest F1 23 Pro Challenge
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F1 23: Win Leclerc’s Monza Helmet in Latest Pro Challenge

F1 23

Last weekend saw Formula One take on Monza and now its your turn to do the same. Complete the latest F1 23 Pro Challenge to win Leclerc’s special Monza helmet in-game.

For the most recent Formula One race weekend, several teams attended the Italian Grand Prix in special liveries and overalls. Meanwhile, the drivers also had their fun bringing special racing helmets to the party.

One of them was Charles Leclerc who, alongside his teammate, wore head protection matching their cars. Indeed, the Ferrari SF-23 arrived at Monza with a livery reminiscent of the 499P Hypercar with its yellow stripes. The drivers matched the theme with yellow helmets to celebrate the Italian GP.

Leclerc Helmet in F1 23

Prior to the race weekend, EA Sports added the Ferrari livery to F1 23 for a limited time only. Players that logged in during the weekend would claim the special colours and be able to run it online. However, the drivers’ helmets were not provided. That all changes now in the case of Charles Leclerc however with the latest F1 23 Pro Challenge.

Yesterday, EA Sports posted a video to its social media feeds showing Charles Leclerc’s fastest lap time around Monza. Setting a 1:20.151, the Monegasque racer then challenges sim racers to go out and beat said time. To take part in the event, open the F1 World screen and to go ‘Solo & Multiplayer’ where the Pro Challenge will appear.

Those able to complete a lap of the 5.8km course faster that the Ferrari F1 driver will be awarded with his unique Monza helmet. Including plenty of yellow, almost akin to an Ayrton Senna design, it is sure to pair nicely with the special Ferrari Monza livery if you already have it.

More to Come

This is not the first time F1 23 allows players to win real life designs for their in-game team or online persona. Indeed, the previous Grand Prix at Zandvoort also led to a similar Pro Challenge. Fans could win Max Verstappen’s home race helmet if they beat his hot lap time.

It seems this style of challenge will become a tradition alongside the already popular Race Scenarios and F1 Replay. In fact this week, players can embody Valtteri Bottas as he attempts to return to the points at Alfa Romeo’s home race following a reverse strategy call.

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