Rocket League pits F1 against NASCAR on Twitch

Rocket League pits F1 against NASCAR on Twitch

After previously releasing F1 and NASCAR vehicles, Rocket League will be re-releasing the items this week. Plus, there will be a Twitch stream pitching the two motorsport worlds against each other.

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If you played Rocket League between April and July, the Season 3 Rocket Pass will have been an amazing incentive as it was themed around racing. There were items you could earn such as player tags like ‘Crew Chief’, ‘Downforcer’ and ‘Hairpin Hero’, helmet toppers, a trail that looked like a rumblestrip, tyres with writing on the side, and even chequered flag style rocket boosts and goal celebrations. You could even take to a racing track themed pitch called DFH Stadium.

Part of the Season 3 Rocket Pass, you could also buy an F1 car and three NASCAR vehicles based on all the competing manufacturer’s models in the Cup series. You could equip all the cars with liveries from the 2021 season, so whether you fancied donning the colours of F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton’s or NASCAR Cup series champion Chase Elliot’s Hendrick Motorsports #9 car, it’s all there for you.

Well, it was. These cars were a limited time addition when they were released back in May. However, because of an event happening tomorrow, 19 August, the F1 and NASCAR fan packs will be coming back so make sure you get them while you can!

Speed Demon Showdown

If you tune in to Rocket League‘s official Twitch channel on Thursday, you will find an event taking place. Little has been said about the event itself, however from the tweet that the official Rocket League Twitter account posted, it would hint at F1 and NASCAR battling it out. Could that mean F1 drivers perhaps will be going up against NASCAR drivers in Rocket League matches?

We are only guessing here, we hope that is the case otherwise we just set you all up for disappointment. But what we do know is that some drivers do play the game, such as the ‘Twitch quartet’ that is made up of driver Lando Norris, Charles Leclerc of , Williams Esports F1′ George Russell and former Red Bull Racing Esports F1 driver Alexander Albon.

Also, NASCAR racer Austin Dillon appeared on the Rocket League Twitch channel when the NASCAR content was initially added so he may be a strong bet to appear in the Speed Demon Showdown.

What else is new?

If you log on to Rocket League today on your PlayStation 5, you will be able to upgrade your game from the PS4 version and it is said to be capable of 120 frames per second! Also today, Rocket League are celebrating the launch of the new Ratchet and Clank video game with a bundle pack featuring items such as a decal, a rocket boost and two toppers themed around the popular video game series. So if you are a fan of Ratchet and Clank, log in to the game today to claim these items!

The Season 4 Rocket Pass has only just started, and you can rank up and earn items from now until 17 November! These new items are all themed around the wild west and cowboys. One rather amusing addition is that you can equip your car with an engine noise to make it sound like a horse galloping or an old steam locomotive when you’re charging for the ball.

You can even earn items in-game when watching Rocket League Twitch streams by linking your Epic Games and Twitch accounts together. So do that to earn some unique items to apply to your car.

Be sure to watch the Rocket League Speed Demon Showdown live on their Twitch account on 19 August.

Which livery do you run when you use the F1 or NASCAR in Rocket League? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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