F1 Manager 23 coming this summer
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F1 Manager 23 is Out Now in Early Access

F1 Manager

The second instalment in Frontier Development’s series, F1 Manager 23, releases today in early access. Here’s all you need to know at launch.

Whilst F1 Manager 23 releases in its full form on Monday, 31 July, those that pre-ordered the title in its Deluxe Edition form gain early access today. Being Frontier Development’s second take on the Formula One managerial game style, there are plenty of additions included in the game. If you are getting your hands on the title today, here’s what you can expect and look out for.

Race Replays in F1 Manager 23

A major addition coming to F1 Manager 23 is its new game mode. Race Replay will allow players to jump on the game and take part in races without worrying about their career mode team.

Take control of any team in the F1 Manager 23 Starting Grids mode
Take control of any team in the F1 Manager 23 Starting Grids mode – Image credit: Frontier Developments

In Race Replay, the game developers set out a number of challenges for fans to complete. The game mode takes two forms; Race Moments and Starting Grids, each of which are fairly self-explanatory. Race Moments will put the player in control of a team at a crucial point in a race with a results goal to achieve for both drivers. Starting Grids, however, set the player off with the grid order of the most recent race.

In both cases, the primary goal is to out-pace the real world team’s success. For example, one of the initial Race Moment events from launch will be ‘Papaya Podium’ taking place at Silverstone. In the real British GP, Oscar Piastri missed out on a podium following a poorly timed safety car. In this game mode, the player takes control of the McLaren team with the aim of preserving Norris’ second place finish all whilst helping Piastri to reach P3.

From launch, a total of 10 base game Race Moment events will be available with that number set to increase following each race. Having pre-ordered the game, those with early access to the title also gain access to 15 additional Race Replay events. Mixing both Race Moments and Starting Grids, these are all fictional scenarios including equal performance cars and rain in unlikely locations like Bahrain.

Greater Management in 2023

As we have reported for the past few months, F1 Manager 23 will include a number of features aiming to improve the management aspect of the game. Mid-race, one will have to keep driver confidence and tyre temperature in mind as they figure out the best strategy for making moves.

In fact, a driver with low confidence will have a greater chance of making mistakes in high-pressure situations. As for tyre temperatures, it will be important to balance out a driver’s pace throughout a stint. Avoid overheating the tyres on push laps and losing temperature when managing wear. This will be key to extending tyre life. Driver tactics also feature greater management options for defence and attack.

Away from the race track, managing a team will become more intricate in F1 Manager 23. The cost cap must always remain in one’s mind to avoid over-spending, especially when it concerns car parts. Break wings or develop poor parts that won’t help your performance, and you will soon run into budgetary concerns.

Team members will also require more in-depth management in this new game, as there will be a whole new dimension added. The Sporting Director will give the player access to the pit crew’s training regime in the aim of claiming the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award.

Elsewhere, driver development has also been deepened for the new game. A total of 24 Driver Focuses will need building up throughout an athlete’s career. A driver’s development will not only depend on their training schedule and performance but also their age. So keep an eye on the newly simulated F2 and F3 championships. Pick up a rising star early on in their career a turn them into a champion.

The Full Calendar

In F1 Manager 23, fans will get to take their team to every circuit on the 2023 Formula One calendar. From old-school venues like Silverstone and Spa to new and exotic locations like Jeddah and Miami, each layout will provide its own challenges.

Las Vegas is new for the championship this year. So players will get to try their luck on the Vegas Strip. Can you manage your way into the record books with a win in the first ever modern Las Vegas Grand Prix? Now is your chance to have a go.

If you don’t have the Deluxe Edition with early access, don’t worry. The standard game releases on Monday, 31 July to everyone.

What are your first impressions of F1 Manager 23 now that it is out in early access? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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