F1 Manager 23 Race Replay mode details emerge
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F1 Manager 23 New Gameplay Details

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In a recent video, the F1 Manager 23 developers detailed the new game mode coming to the game, Race Replay. Here’s all you need to know about the mode and what to expect throughout the game’s life span.


In F1 Manager 22, the only game mode with any form of substance was the Career Mode. After a few seasons of repetitive and predictable races however, it soon lost many of its players. As a result, the next iteration releasing on 31 July must provide a more varied gaming experience.

That is exactly what Race Replay, a new game mode featuring in F1 Manager 23 is all about. Giving players access to fresh content on a seemingly weekly basis, Frontier Developments aim to keep players interested in the game for longer. Allowing fans to recreate real-world races from the ongoing season, here’s all you need to know about Race Replay.

Race Replay in F1 Manager 23

In a live stream hosted by the developers, fans got to learn a lot more about the upcoming F1 Manager 23 title. The main subject of the discussion was the brand new game mode bound for the game this year.

Race Replay will sit alongside the main Career Mode as an alternative way of playing the game. It will provide players with a number of challenges based on recent events in the real-world Formula One World Championship. In fact, fans of the sport will get to alter real-world results by trying to beat their favourite teams’ achievements.

Race REplay will refresh after every race with new scenarios
Race Replay will refresh after every race with new scenarios. Image credit: Frontier Developments

The mode is broken down into two categories; Starting Grid and Race Moments.

As one would expect, Starting Grid thrusts the player into a race with the real starting grid of a recent race. The goal is then to complete certain objectives set out by the game as well as to beat the real team’s result.

Race Moments skips through sections of a race before arriving at a crucial strategic moment. From then on, the player takes control of a team and does their best to excel. For example, rain began to fall at the Monaco Grand Prix earlier this year. The game could give a fan control of the Aston Martin team as they attempt to use the weather to beat Red Bull and Max Verstappen. The objective here would be to get Aston Martin their first race win.

Challenges in the F1 Manager 23 Race Replay mode will refresh throughout the season. The developers aim to update scenarios after each race keeping content fresh.

Can you get Alonso his 33rd race win?
Can you get Alonso his 33rd race win? Image credit: Frontier Developments

More Additions

Aside from the Race Replay game mode, F1 Manager 23 is set to receive many more additions compared to the 2022 release. During the live stream, the developers dived briefly into a short list of improvements and changes coming to the series.

Among the improvements coming to the new game are UI and camera tweaks. A 3D map akin to that one might see on the F1 Tracker app will allow players to judge where cars are on-track. Furthermore, there are visual changes such as an easier to read UI and the addition of Helmet Cam

Elsewhere, more depth is coming to team management including pit crew fatigue and driver confidence. The latter will see mid-race events and weekend results alter how the driver is feeling behind the wheel. Anything from overtakes to lock-ups and speed in practice will influence a driver’s confidence, in turn having an impact on the mistakes they make.

Driver confidence and development are also factors fans will be happy to see for Formula 2 and 3. In fact, the feeder series will now be fully simulated with results being available to follow for F1 teams.

Pre-order F1 Manager 23

The next instalment of the F1 Manager series is now available for pre-order. It is available on the Steam and Epic stores, PS4/5 and Xbox One, Series S and X. The base game will set you back €54.99 whilst the Deluxe Edition featuring exclusive race scenarios costs €64.99.

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