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F1 Manager Developer Announces Losses, Redundancies

F1 Manager

Yesterday, Frontier Development released a company review. Announcing financial losses and redundancies, what could it mean for the F1 Manager series?

Last updated: October 18, 2023, 6.20 pm CEST

For the past two years now, Frontier Development has been responsible for the latest generation of manager titles focusing on the world of Formula One. Last year saw the series gain major interest before experiencing a sharp downfall. This year’s title did not fare much better.

Following the franchise’s shortcomings and many issues throughout the company as well as the wider gaming industry, Frontier Development yesterday released an Organisational Review and Trading Update.

Pinpointing problems in the company’s organisation, it announces a number of key points. But what could it all mean for the F1 Manager series?

Frontier Organisational Review and Trading Update

Last month, Frontier Development released its earnings figures for the 2023 Financial Year. Investors received news of Frontier Development’s current situation. The team behind the F1 Manager series seemingly recorded losses of £26.6 million over the financial period. This led to yesterday’s Organisational Review and Trading Update.

Following the eye-watering losses of the past 12 months, the company announced it will aim to cut “annual operating costs by up to 20%.” In order to do so, countless measures are set to come into place. The organisation will implement “a recruitment freeze, spending cuts and, unfortunately, redundancies, subject to consultation.”

What does this mean for F1 Manager?

With the team behind each of the developer’s projects set to reduce in size, the F1 Manager series is sure to feel the impact of poor results. Whilst the release does not mention the Formula One franchise in particular, we have asked Frontier to provide a statement on its future.

According to previous Frontier statements, F1 Manager 23, the latest iteration of the game failed to meet company expectations. In fact, the sharp loss of interest for the original title seemingly lead to a lack of appeal for the follow-up.

When we took a look at the game, we felt that F1 Manager 23 tried to do too much at once. As a result, it failed to nail any aspect of its gameplay. These were concerns the community had about the title even before its release following the disinterest in F1 Manager 2022.

F1 Manager: No Change of Plans

Frontier has previously stated that it will continue to perfect the F1 Manager formula in coming years. Responding to our request for a statement, Frontier confirmed that “this week’s announcement about the Organisational Review hasn’t changed our plans for F1 Manager in 2024.”

Meanwhile, F1 Manager 2023 is going to hit Microsoft’s Game Pass on October 19. Player numbers are likely to increase as a result.

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