The F1 Virtual GP returns this January!

The F1 Virtual GP returns this January!

The wait is over. The F1 virtual GP announced its return for January 31!

Photo Credit: Koch Media

The wait for the real-life season of F1 just got a little more manageable. The Virtual GP returns to bring the fans the same excitement and funny moments as last year. Three events on consecutive weekends are planned. January 31 will mark the first event, while February 7 and February 14 will hold the other two.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. In the fallout of the first significant global outbreak, most real-life racing was postponed or cancelled. To bridge the gap between the seasons and, more importantly, to entertain the fans, the F1 Virtual Grand Prix  was brought to life. These events featured celebrities and real-life racers competing against each other in 50% races.

F1 stars such as Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris and George Russell were amongst the most previlant drivers. But known faces from the world of football like Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang or Real Madrid keeper Thibaut Courtois paid a visit to the virtual F1 bonanza as well.

At last it was a show-off for young Williams driver George Russell, who took home the most wins, and the unoffical crown of the Virtual GP.



A few changes

With the excitement the first Virtual GP sparked among the fans, it is only natural to have some finetuning done to the system. Whereas before the drivers would do a one-shot qualifying into a 50% race, now sim racers will have the opportunity to show their prowess.

A race day will start with a sprint race, which includes only sim racers. The position they can capture will determine the grid position for their respective celebrity team-mates. Indeed a superb idea to showcase the vast array of F1 esports talent at one of the largest events for sim racing to date. Before this year’s version, some Virtual GP’s featured a show match before the actual event, in which sim racers took part. It didn’t affect the main event, however.

But not everyone seems happy with that. F1 Esports champion Jarno Opmeer has voiced his complaint for the short time the sim racing crew has to show their moves.

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