Fanatec and Gran Turismo join forces

Fanatec and Gran Turismo join forces

Leading sim racing hardware developers Fanatec have formed a partnership with Polyphony Digital, the developers of the Gran Turismo games.

Image credit: Fanatec

After a picture leaked online of what looked to be a Gran Turismo-branded Fanatec wheel, it has now been officially confirmed that the market-leading sim racing hardware developers will indeed be forging a partnership with the PlayStation racing game’s developers.

The German sim racing equipment manufacturer is renowned for its high-end direct drive technology that delivers enhanced feedback to the driver, however their products are rather expensive. For example, a Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel for PlayStation will set you back nearly €1,800.

Fanatec made its intentions known that they intended to rectify this by bringing in cheaper direct-drive wheels, and back in April they revealed the CSL DD wheelbase which will cost roughly €350. This still isn’t exactly cheap but compared to nearly €2k then it’s the bargain of the century!


Now, Fanatec’s collaboration with Polyphony Digital and PlayStation Studios points to even more products at a more consumer-friendly and accessible price.

In the press release, Gran Turismo series producer Kazunori Yamauchi expressed great enthusiasm at the prospect of what can be achieved with the partnership:

Fanatec has been at the leading edge of simulation hardware technology for many years. While the quality and performance of their products is impressive, it’s their desire to innovate in motorsports that resonates with us the most. Polyphony Digital and Fanatec share this same spirit and long-term ambition, and I’m really excited about what we can create together.

Fanatec are the third major sim racing hardware developers to have forged an affiliation with Gran Turismo. Logitech was the first with the GT Force Wheel and Driving Force GT, then Thrustmaster followed with the T500 RS, T300 RS and T-GT.

As of now, there is no official word beyond this announcement about the wheel they will be developing with Gran Turismo, although judging by the leaked image, it will be referred to as the GT DD Pro. This is only the beginning as Fanatec have plenty more in the pipeline. They have revealed that a first product announcement will come “in a couple of weeks” with production starting this year.

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