Fanatec Podium Button Module Rally
Image credit: Fanatec

Fanatec Podium Button Module Rally Available November 20

Used in real WRC cars for almost two years, the Fanatec Podium Button Module Rally has not been available to sim racers yet. This is going to change on November 20.

Developed in cooperation with WRC team M-Sport, the Fanatec Podium Button Module Rally has seen action in the Ford Puma Rally1 since the start of the 2022 WRC season. While work on the module started in 2021, the hardware piece only resurfaced on the sim racing side of things at the 2023 ADAC SimRacing Expo.

At the event, Fanatec had the module on show for the first time, including different wheel rims. As the Landshut-based manufacturer now announced, the Fanatec Podium Button Module Rally will be available starting November 20, 2023. Preorders on the Fanatec website are already possible.

Fanatec Podium Button Module Rally Price

There, a bundle including the module and the Sparco R383 wheel rim is also available. Additionally, the bundle features a Podium Hub with the newly-released QR2 as well, setting sim racers back €699,95/$699,95. On its own, the module costs €249,95/$249,95. That is without the €149,95/$149,95 Podium Hub, though, making the module not exactly a cheap piece of equipment. Then again, none of the products in the Podium line are.

At least the module comes with a pedigree. In the hands of WRC legend Sébastien Loeb, it won the 2022 Rally Monte Carlo on debut. Two more victories followed in 2023, as Ott Tänäk/Martin Järveoja won in Sweden, and again in Chile. Another win could follow at Rally Japan, which takes place from November 16 to 19.

The release of the Fanatec Podium Button Module Rally leaves the Bentley Continental GT3 wheel as a piece of hardware announced a while ago that is not out yet. A prototype had been shown at ADAC SimRacing Expo 2021, and Fanatec had one present at this year’s event. Could this mean that the wheel featuring a large, round center display will see the customer-based light of day soon as well? Time will tell.

The Fanatec Bentley GT3 steering wheel is still a bit of a dark horse – but it is likely going to top the German manufacturer’s price charts. Image credit: Fanatec

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