Fanatec ClubSport DD+ Preorders
Image credit: Fanatec

Fanatec ClubSport DD+ Preorders Open, Release in December

Fanatec showed not one, but two new wheelbases at the 2023 ADAC SimRacing Expo. While the shipping date for the 12 Nm version has been known already, Fanatec ClubSport DD+ preorders are now open. The 15 Nm PlayStation compatible base will be available just in time for Christmas.

Since the introduction of the CSL DD and CSL DD Pro, Fanatec had a bit of a gap in their Direct Drive wheelbase lineup. The two CSL DD variants form the lower end with 5 to 8 Nm (the latter with the boost kit), while the Podium DD1 (20 Nm) and DD2 (25 Nm) are the top end. However, there was nothing in between.

Competitors like MOZA Racing or Asetek Simsports have the range in between covered in their ecosystems. However, the latter does not have a low end as such, with their wheelbases ranging from 12 to 27 Nm.

While the order process for the ClubSport DD opened on the weekend of ADAC SimRacing Expo already, PlayStation racers still had to wait. The PC and Xbox-compatible version currently has a shipping date of November 7th. A little more patience is needed for the PS-compatible version, as Fanatec ClubSport DD+ preorders are now available. It is estimated to ship on December 19th – just in time for Christmas.

Fanatec ClubSport DD+ Preorders: QR2 Included

Just like the ClubSport DD, the DD+ comes with Fanatec’s new QR2 quick release by default. However, it has more power available, with Fanatec stating that the 15 Nm are sustained force, not just peak. Additionally, the Landshut-based manufacturer has another interesting element on board.

Fanatec is working on an extended Force Feedback system called ‘FullForce’. This supposedly adds more detail to the feedback the wheel provides. Examples provided are engine vibrations and fine details of the road surface. FullForce needs software-side implementation, however. As a result, it will not be available in titles that do not add the functionality. The ClubSport DD will also feature FullForce.

Preordering the 15-Nm wheelbase on the Fanatec website will set sim racers back 999,95€. Interestingly, the Podium DD1 wheelbase is on sale for the same price at the time of writing this article. PC racers should look into the more powerful base as an alternative, especially since it also comes with the base-side QR2 already installed. However, the DD1 features neither PlayStation compatibility nor FullForce – so keep this in mind when making your decision.

What are your thoughts on Fanatec’s ClubSport DD+ wheelbase? What are your expectations for the FullForce technology? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!

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