FANATEC ClubSports F1 2020 Edition Leaked

FANATEC ClubSports F1 2020 Edition Leaked?

This year’s special edition of FANATEC’s F1 wheel has possibly been leaked.

As in the previous two years, FANTEC collaborated with Formula 1 to create a piece of hardware for sim racers around the world. The “ClubSports Steering Wheel F1 2020” is supposed to be released this Thursday at 3 PM CEST. The official statement from FANATEC reads:

“Much like the previous two years, we are celebrating our ongoing partnership with Formula 1 by launching a new, limited edition steering wheel […]. We’re really excited to show you this one, as it not only looks incredible, but it includes some new technology and new materials as well.

The wheel will be available on our website in all regions on Thursday May 14th, at 3PM CET. The wheel is restricted to 2020 units worldwide; you don’t want to miss this!”

But as it seems one attentive Reddit user noticed the uncovered wheel could be seen in an ad in the F1 app.

Reddit user noticed the uncovered wheel
Source: Reddit

The picture shows a modified version of previous year’s edition in an orange-anthracite color scheme. Users suggested the grey color and light look of the wheel could indicate that carbon fiber is the “new material” used for this edition.

For comparison here are the wheels of the previous two years and the presumed new one.

Fanatec Wheels
Source: FANATEC, Youtube

The editions have strong similarities, making it hard to distinguish any new technological features. But come Thursday, FANATEC will enlighten us with more details on the new hardware piece.

Mixed fan reactions

While the Reddit post itself got upvoted, the fan reaction to the “leak” seemed lukewarm to say the least. Most users issued unfulfilled wishes and criticized the non-innovative approach.

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Source: FANATEC, Reddit