Fanatec CSL DD won't be PlayStation compatible

Fanatec CSL DD won’t be PlayStation compatible

Fanatec has revealed some important information regarding its upcoming CSL DD. Here are all the most important details from a recent question and answer video.

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In a recent YouTube video, Fanatec CEO Thomas Jackermeier gave a question and answer session which revealed some interesting details about both present and upcoming Fanatec products. As one might expect, the questions centred around the topic of Fanatec’s recently announced wheel base, the CSL DD. The DD in the name stands for direct drive, a better form of force feedback which the base will relay to users.

Compatibility and pre-orders

One of the most asked questions was whether or not the CSL DD would be PS4 or Xbox compatible. On this subject, Jackermeier said, “the CSL DD will not be PlayStation compatible”. He then added that it will be Xbox compatible, and that Fanatec will have “PlayStation compatible DDs in the works”.

Jackermeier was also asked about which Fanatec wheels would be compatible with the base. In response, he said that the CSL DD “is compatible to anything which is on the market at the moment, and/or which came out recently”. He also mentioned that the kill switch would not be compatible, but also that it would not be necessary anyway.

When asked about how pre-orders would be handled, Jackermeier noted that the demand for the CSL DD was very high, with supply being somewhat limited. Therefore, Fanatec are looking to make the pre-order process “as fair as possible to everybody”, which they will achieve by receiving orders in three waves.

The first wave will be available only to existing Fanatec customers, whereas the second wave will be available to anyone who both has a Fanatec account and is subscribed to their newsletter. The third wave will make the CSL DD available to everybody. At all stages, orders will be limited to one per customer.

Other details revealed

When asked whether or not the CSL Elite would be discontinued, Jackermeier simply said “Yes”. He was also asked what the differences between the DD and the Elite are, to which he replied by emphasising the precision of the CSL DD in comparison. In particular, the loss of tyre grip will be communicated more effectively to the player, according to Jackermeier. If you want to find out more about the new wheel base in detail, check out our video article on the topic.


There will also be a boost kit available for the CSL DD, which will upgrade the DD from 5nm to 8nm output. Jackermeier fielded a question on the cost of this boost kit, and revealed that if it was purchased alongside the DD itself, it would add €120 to the cost. However, if one were to buy the boost kit separately, it would then cost €150. As for an extended 12-month warranty for the CSL DD, that will set buyers back just under €50.

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