Fanatec Launches Direct Drive PlayStation Wheel

Fanatec Launches Direct Drive PlayStation Wheel

PlayStation racers can now pre-order the Fanatec CSL GT DD Pro today in anticipation of its launch which coincides with Gran Turismo 7‘s release.

Image credit: Fanatec

After we reported on the leak of this PlayStation compatible entry-level direct drive wheel by sim racing hardware company Fanatec, pre-orders are now live for the wheel.

The Age of Direct Drive

When Fanatec unveiled the revolutionary CSL DD, it signalled a significant shift in the world of sim racing hardware. Until this point, direct drive wheels were out of the realms of possibility for people who couldn’t afford the upwards of €2,000 for these incredible pieces of equipment, but Fanatec sought to change that.

The much smaller wheelbase may have produced about a fifth of the power of its bigger brother, but for about a quarter of the cost. Unfortunately for PlayStation players though, the CSL DD is only compatible with PC and Xbox.

The CSL GT DD Pro is the answer to PlayStation gamer’s concerns after Fanatec announced they’d be partnering up with Polyphony Digital and PlayStation Studios to bring direct drive technology to a wider audience at a more consumer-friendly price. Speaking of price…

What you can get

Pre-orders start today and purchasers can get the wheelbase and custom wheel along with two-set pedals for €699.95 including VAT, but that’s not all. The wheelbase produces five newton metres of torque, but those who get the Boost Kit as a bundle with the wheel and pedals for €849.95 (again including VAT) will receive a boosted output from the wheel, rising from five to eight newton metres.

The CSL GT DD Pro will no doubt be the wheel that many PlayStation gamers will be wanting on their rigs at home. Image credit: Fanatec

Finally, for €969.85 (including VAT), the two-set pedals are switched out for a load-cell three set. All of these will be delivered to those who pre-order whichever editions they want in time for Gran Turismo 7 launching in early March 2022, but if you can’t wait that long, you can order the basic edition through Express Shipping on the official Fanatec page for €849.95 and get your Fanatec CSL GT DD Pro wheel, wheelbase and pedals in time for Christmas!

What is currently not known is if players can order the wheel and wheelbase without the pedals. Many players have been asking if they can get the Clubsport V3 load-cell pedals instead, but it would seem you cannot buy the CSL GT DD Pro without the pedals they come with.

In any case, there is no doubt that many players will be on their way to Fanatec’s site to make their pre-orders, as direct-drive technology is being brought to the PlayStation for a somewhat decent price.

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