Fanatec QR2
Image credit: Fanatec

Fanatec Releases QR2: New Adapter in Multiple Versions

After first showing a working prototype in late 2022, Fanatec have released their QR2 Quick Release Adapter. The new part aims to offer more rigidity while allowing to keep the convenience of the previous QR system.

One of the biggest strengths of Fanatec’s QR1 system is that it frees the Landshut-based manufacturer’s wheels from having to use a data cable. However, the system also has a drawback. Due to manufacturing tolerances, some QR1 adapters flex when mounted to a wheel base. This flex may be minimal, but it is noticeable – and not exactly ideal for wheels in the higher price regions in particular.

To combat this, Fanatec has developed the QR2. Not only is the new adapter supposed to be more stable, it also lets sim racers mount their wheels by simply pushing them onto their bases. Previously, they had to pull back the outer ring of the release manually – now it simply clicks into place.

Fanatec QR2 Bundle
The QR2 Lite Bundle comes in different versions. Pictured: The Type-C example. Image Credit: Fanatec

Different Versions

Similarly to the QR1, the new adapter comes in different versions. The Pro version looks to be aimed at the Podium range of wheels and wheel bases, while the QR2 and QR2 Lite examples are likely introduced to pair with the CSL DD and DD Pro bases. The non-Pro and Lite models also come in an M version as well as a USB C-type version.

Only the QR2 Lite looks to be made from plastic, both of the other versions look like metal pieces. This should allow sim racers to unlock high torque modes with the latter two, similar to the QR1. The plastic version of the older adapter did fit higher-torque bases, but could not unlock their full power.

At the time of writing this article, an official announcement has yet to be made. However, a QR2 tab is already available on the Fanatec website. There, prices have already been posted as well. Check our list below to find out on how much of a diet your wallet needs to go. Spoiler: It is not exactly a cheap accessory.

The Fanatec QR2 Bundle in its Type-M guise. Image credit: Fanatec

Fanatec QR2 Price

  • QR2 Pro Bundle (Type M): €318,09
  • QR2 Bundle (Type M): €227,18
  • QR2 Pro Wheel-Side: €199,95
  • QR2 Bundle (Type-C): €154,45
  • QR2 Base-Side (Type-M): €149,95
  • QR2 Lite Bundle (Type-C): €118,09
  • QR2 Wheel-Side: €99,95
  • QR2 Base-Side (Type-C): €69,95
  • QR2 Lite Wheel-Side: €59,95

For their release, the bundles feature a reduced price. However, this only becomes apparent on the product page itself and is not shown on the overview page at the time of writing.

Sim racers will not have to fork out the maximum amount of cash, though. The difference between the “normal” QR2 and the QR2 pro Wheel-Side models is that the latter is designed to FIA standards and can be used in real racing cars as well. Of course, this ties in with Fanatec’s BMW M4 GT3 wheel – but it likely will not be of use for the majority of sim racers.

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