Fanatec sim racing cockpit and seat

Fanatec Showcases Prototype Entry-Level Sim Racing Rig

Fanatec is set to expand its range of sim racing cockpits with a new, more affordable, range addition. There’s also a fresh seat design to match.

A prototype is available to test at the Gran Turismo World Series World Finals in Spain, and Overtake.GG has had a brief hands-on test.

The yet-to-be-named sim rig looks to be significantly simpler than the existing €999 RennSport Cockpit V2 (ClubSport) or the upcoming Formula 1-licenced unit currently used in the F1 Sim Racing competition.

Fanatec entry-level cockpit and seat

Comprising of a straightforward tubular design that is remarkably spartan, it should make for compact packaging and a relatively simple construction process – but the final verdict will wait for a later date.

Seemingly Steadfast With ClubSport DD+

What we did appreciate at this early stage was its ability to remain sturdy during use with the new ClubSport DD+ wheel base running at the maximum 15Nm of constant torque. It’s rare to find a so-called ‘entry-level’ device that remains this planted during vociferous feedback.

Fanatec sim racing seat, entry-level

We must stress, this was a brief test of a prototype, but the ingredients are in place for this to become a pre-eminent cockpit for those looking to upgrade from a desk-mounted wheel.

The seat we used is also a premiering – black with yellow accents, it’s clearly not trying to emulate a premium faux-leather texture, but rather analogous to something you may find in an affordable road car. It would mark a return to seat manufacturing for Fanatec, following the discontinuation of the prior CSL seat.

New Fanatec sim racing seat

To Be Confirmed

Pricing is not yet confirmed, for the seat or the cockpit, but we hope they are at the affordable end of the scale.

Release dates and even the names are also yet to be determined, but we expect them to fit within the German peripheral manufacturer’s existing nomenclature. We’ll be sure to update you when we have further details, for now, let us know in the comments below if you’d be interested in such a set-up.

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