The Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo car in silver with a red bright background.

Ferrari Reveal Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Gran Turismo 7

During the broadcast of the Gran Turismo World Finals on 27 November, the latest in a long line of Vision Gran Turismo concepts was revealed. Here’s how you can drive it in Gran Turismo 7.

Image credit: Polyphony Digital

The Vision Gran Turismo program has been producing incredible concept cars since it debuted alongside the release of Gran Turismo 6 back in 2013. There are many big manufacturers that have collaborated with GT creators Polyphony Digital to bring their lavish ideas to life in the virtual world.

Ferrari are the latest brand to join the Vision Gran Turismo fold. They revealed their car before the grand final of the Gran Turismo Nations Cup.

What Is the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo?

The Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo borrows design elements from Ferrari cars of the past. Primarily from their sports-prototypes of the 1960s and 1970s, such as the 330 P3 and 512 S. Despite that, it is firmly pointed towards the future, with a relatively close resemblance to Ferrari’s upcoming entry into the Le Mans Hypercar class, the 499P.

It isn’t just visuals where the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo and the 499P LMH align, it’s also the beating heart. The engine is taken straight from the 499P. With no restrictions on power output, they have been able to increase it to 1,016 horsepower.

But if that wasn’t enough, in tandem with three electric motors (one for the rear wheels, and one each for both front wheels), the beast is capable of an incredible 1,338 horsepower!

An in-car shot of the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo going round Parabolica at Monza behind another Ferrari VGT.
Players are able to get access to the car through an in-game event on Gran Turismo 7. Image credit: Polyphony Digital

How to Drive It

Right now in Gran Turismo 7, it is possible to earn the car but not through a race. Players can go to the world map and click the Viewers Campaign tab in the top right. There have been questions that players can answer to earn in-game items over the last few days.

All the questions pertain to the events of the Gran Turismo World Finals held last weekend. To earn the Ferrari VGT, which of the 12 drivers that participated in the Nations Cup grand final qualified fastest? The answer? Our January 2021 Hero of the Month: Takuma Miyazono.

The Japanese driver – who won everything there was to win on Gran Turismo in 2020 – pipped eventual champion Coque López to the pole by one thousandth of a second. Unfortunately in the race, a controversial last lap incident between them and Angel Inostroza meant Miyazono couldn’t follow up his Manufacturers Cup championship win from the previous day with the Nations Cup title.

But his pole from qualifying is all you will need to get your hands on the Ferrari VGT, and make sure to answer before 7 December as it will expire. Then on 15 December, it will be available in player garages before it’s even available for purchase in Brand Central for players who didn’t answer correctly. Think of it as an early Christmas gift from Polyphony.

Read up on the November update to Gran Turismo 7 above which arrived on 24 November. It included an iconic new circuit, a selection of new cars, a new limited time in-game event and a few more long-awaited features like selling cars.

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