For Desk Racers: VW Built Motorized Office Chair with Horns and Reverse Cam

Volkswagen is amazing. Not only do they innovate on every product they bring to the market, they also intend to enter non-automotivemarkets. Now they are entering the office space with their first fully-motorized office chair.

Tha challenge was simple: Create an office chair with as many features from an actual Volkswagen car. And here's what they have achieved:


This feature-complete design includes, but is not limited to:
  • 20 km/h speed
  • Horn
  • Seat warmer
  • VW entertainment system
  • HiFi speakers
  • LED lights (party mode included)
  • Trailer hitch
  • A trunk for documents
You can control the chair easily with movement sensors and can regulate the speed with your gas and braking pedals. For reversing, you even have the little beeping sound one knows from reversing trucks.

Obviously this seat would be a great fit for any sim racing desk warrior. After all, the motorized wheels come with a parking brake, so you don't need to worry about your chair slipping away under heavy braking!

And there are all the immersion-giving details you need! Most sim-rigs don't have a reversing camera!

However, on the website for this innovative chair design, it says:
Unfortunately, the chair is only available as a display model, because we always put customers who actually need vans in the driver's seat. But it will be available for test drives at various locations.

So if you ever want to try out this beautiful new desk chair and just happen to be in Norway, call your local VW dealer and check if they have one of these coveted models on display.

We at RaceDepartment will be looking forward to hearing your reviews.

And at the end of this out-of-season April fools joke, let me ask you the all important question: What do you think of this news? Let us know in the comments down below!
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Maybe the should start building cars worth a f%$^ instead. Every generation is more unreliable and worse handling than the previous one.
I'm not gonna lie, as a wheelchair user I would love this. It's stupid, yes, but it means you wouldn't have to keep transferring to your wheelchair when you want to grab something. Send me one VW, i'll appreciate it even if the rest of the world laughs.

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