New content will join Forza Motorsport every month
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Forza Motorsport Announces Monthly Content Updates

With less than two weeks until release day, we already know what will feature in Forza Motorsport from launch, but more is coming in a series of monthly content updates. Here’s all we know so far.

As Forza Motorsport launches in less than two weeks on 10 October, fans already know what will be accessible on release day. The entire track list is clear and the long car list is looking strong. But post-launch support has been very secretive over the past few months of teasers.

That is until this weekend however, when Creative Director Chris Esaki announced that the game will receive regular content drops. Akin to the Forza Horizon format, players will get to take part in monthly series in order to win reward cars on a regular basis. The developer also outlined a number of additional post-launch tracks coming to the game. Here is all you need to know.

Monthly Series

Indeed, much like Forza Horizon 5‘s monthly festival playlists, Forza Motorsport will feature a similar system. Dubbed Career Tours, these will take place in the game’s single player Builder’s Cup career mode.

A pair of tours will be accessible each month; the Featured Tour and Open Tour. The former will feature its own theme whilst the latter will be a simple class based series putting the player on-track in a car they choose.

Each Featured Tour will feature a number of races per week with themes changing ever so slightly to provide a sense of progression. Once a player competes in each race of a certain tour, they will claim the reward car. Each week’s individual theme focuses on a specific in-game model. This so-called Spotlight Car get a 30% discount in the Autoshow for that week. Use this car to compete in the Featured Tour for said week to get one step closer to the end goal of claiming the month’s reward car.

These Featured Tour themes will also translate to the multiplayer game modes; both online racing and Rivals time trials. In fact, Spec Series online racing will feature the Spotlight Cars as will the Featured Rivals.

Upcoming FM Reward Cars

With that information out there, Esaki was keen to highlight the first Featured Tour theme and Spotlight Cars coming to Forza Motorsport in October. For the game’s first month on the shelves, players will get to revel in the world of track racing. Whilst a broad term, the four weeks of this tour will see players starting out in track day models. One will work their war through the ranks all the way to dedicated racing prototypes.

The Track Tour will kick off the monthly series for Forza Motorsport
The Track Tour will kick off the monthly series for Forza Motorsport. Image credit: Turn 10

The Track Day week starting 5 October will see players getting a discount on the Subaru BRZ. Race one of your own cars or purchase this popular sportscar and tune it up. Then in Week 2, the Built to Race series sees the KTM X-Bow GT2 get the spotlight. Track Exotics in Week 3 shines a light on the Ferrari FXX-K. The final week is all about the Ginetta G60-LT LMP1 car in what is being called Prototype Power.

Complete every race in each of the four weeks and you will win the Acura ARX-05 DPI car in its Penske colours. One need not win each race. Simply getting to the end is what truly matters.

For this first month, the Open Tour focuses on German Manufacturers. Here, players will work their way through the PI classes, either by building up one model, or by purchasing a quartet of increasingly fast German models.

Post-launch Forza Motorsport Tracks

Aside from announcing how players will be able to get their hands on additional cars, Esaki mentioned a collection of tracks currently missing from Forza Motorsport that will join the title later on in its life cycle.

Forza Motorsport will receive new content on a monthly basis.
Forza Motorsport will receive new content on a monthly basis. Image credit: Turn 10

Players have certainly noticed the absence of the Nürburgring Nordschleife in the game’s line-up. However, it seems Spring 2024 will see the iconic circuit join the title. Esaki claims this will be the most accurate rendition of the 20.83km layout ever featured in the Forza Motorsport series. This hints at a dramatic rescan of the historic venue.

Elsewhere, a pair of additional tracks are making their way to the game before the end of the year. The Yas Marina Circuit, home to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and Formula One season finale will join the title at some point in November with Update 2.0. It will feature the new-for 2021 layout and a new mesh optimised for the game’s uprated physics.

Esaki also hinted at a third circuit coming to the game in December. In fact, it seems the majority of monthly updates will aim to feature a new circuit. However, the top developer is keen to point out that time constraints may limit output.

Be sure to check out the list of confirmed launch content over on RaceDepartment to find out what is going to be included in Forza Motorsport on day one!

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