The Cadillac V-Series.R features in Forza Motorsport
The Cadillac V-Series.R features in Forza Motorsport. Image credit: Turn 10

Forza Motorsport: More Fixes with Update 2

Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport Update 2 is to be released on 14 November. On the technical side, it will focus mainly on stability, gameplay and multiplayer issues.

Forza Motorsport has not had the best start, to say the least, but was instead released with many technical and gameplay issues. The first big patch, officially called Forza Motorsport Update 1.0, released shortly after launch. This addressed the most urgent stability, progression, and multiplayer problems. However, Forza is still not in a flawless state, as many players continue to have the same or new issues.

Forza Motorsport Community Update 2. GTD cars racing
Image credit: Turn 10 Studios

“Since the release of Forza Motorsport and Update 1, we’ve been working on additional fixes and improvements to the game based on the top reported issues in the community. We understand how frustrating these are, especially when they may hinder your full enjoyment of the game, and we intend to resolve them as soon as possible.”

– Turn 10 Studios (27 October 2023)

Forza Motorsport Update 2: More Fixes for Stability and Multiplayer Issues

On the content side, Community Update 2 adds Yas Marina circuit as well as new “Spotlight Cars” for the next four weeks and “Car Pass Cars”.

Community Update 2 brings the Yas Marina circuit to Forza Motorsporti with four unique layouts. Image credit: Turn 10 Studios

Regarding game fixes, Community Update 2 is said to include “many fixes to improve overall game stability and reduce crashes across all platforms”. Users with AMD processors will be particularly pleased that the optimizing shaders problem now seems to have been solved. This issue caused shaders being required to recompile every time Forza Motorsport is started on AMD chipsets. The result could be load times of 10 or more minutes.

Forza Motorsport Community Update 2 Notes
Community Update 2 tries to remedy persisting stability and multiplayer issues in Forza Motorsport. Image credit: Turn 10 Studios


Regarding Multiplayer, Update 2 offers fixes to matchmaking as a group, party management, and invites and joins across multiplayer as well as fixes to ensure custom liveries show up more consistently across multiplayer game modes. For console (Xbox) players specifically, the patch adresses and solves stability issues when resuming from a suspended state.


On the gameplay side, the most notable fix is that an exploit related to changing car tune mid-race was resolved. Further fixes adress issues such as the game getting stuck in the “new content update” loop when entering the main menu and replays not start playing, the cars not moving, or instaed floating.

Visit this site for the complete Update notes. If you encounter bugs in Forza Motorsport, you can report them here.

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