Free trial of F1 2020 available now

Free trial of F1 2020 available now

Codemasters has made a free trial version of F1 2020 available for Xbox and PlayStation players.

Photo credit: Codemasters

Racing enthusiasts who have not yet bought F1 2020 can get excited: since Monday, owners of an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 have been able to download a free trial version of the game in the virtual store.

The free trial features the start of the popular My Team mode with the team creation and the first race in Australia. Players who start their team career in the free trial version will be able to play on with their team once they buy the full version.

It is also possible to race at the Red Bull Ring in split-screen mode, so you can play the free trial together with a friend on one console. You can also drive any of the 24 tracks of F1 2020 by yourself, but without being able to start career mode or play online.

You can get the free trial version of the game here for Xbox One and here for PlayStation 4. It is not available for the new-gen consoles, however.

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