gamescom 2020: new game takes racers back to the 90s

Gamescom 2020: taking racers back to the 90s

Lucky Mountain Games presented a gameplay preview of their arcade racing game Hotshot Racing.

Photo credit: Lucky Mountain Games / Hotshot Racing / Steam

It is time for a journey back in time, including drift action, squealing tires, and bold overtakes! Developer Lucky Mountain Games shared more details and the release date of their arcade racer Hotshot Racing at gamescom 2020. The game is set to be released on September 10, 2020 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.


Hotshot Racing looks very much like an arcade game from the nineties. It is all about putting your foot on the throttle and drifting around the road circuits as much as possible – crashes and hard fights with your opponents included. You can challenge friends and strangers in an offline and online multiplayer or play against AI opponents.

A mix of past and present

Trevor Ley, Creative Director at Lucky Mountain Games and Tom Turner, Studio Production Director at Sumo Digital Nottingham, presented a gameplay preview during digital gamescom and also shared some more details on the game.

Creative Director Ley says the visual and audio style of the game was “inspired by Virtua Racing, Hard Drivin’ and Daytona USA. The handling style is very much inspired by Burnout and Split Second. And also Outrunners a little bit as well.” Summarizing the character of the game Ley says he “wanted to create a retro-style racing game but with modern elements like modern physics handling and multiplayer underneath.”

Hotshot Racing features not just classic races. There are going to be several fun modes as well, as Tom Turner reveals in the showcase video. For example, the game is going to include a cops and robbers mode, in which half of the players drive in police cars and have to take out the other half, who play the robbers.

A game for everybody?

Who should keep an eye on this game? Trevor Ley hopes the game will “appeal to all racing fans” but especially to “people who played kart racing games but are not into sim racing ones and still want a bit arcade handling and such things.” But according to the Game Director, Hotshot Racing could be a great filler game for sim racers as well to “jump into this and have a quick race with their friends while waiting for those big online races.”

Sim racing content creator and shed resident Jimmy Broadbent already had the chance to spend more than one hour in a preview version of the game. Looking at his video, you can clearly tell the Briton had quite some fun.

We are excited to see know what the community thinks about Hotshot Racing upon its release. Find out more about the game at gamescom now.

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