AOC becomes official partner of Clash of Racers II

AOC becomes official partner of Clash of Racers II

The number one gaming monitor brand in the world, AOC, joins OverTake for Clash of Racers II – and is giving away three top monitors for you to win.

Photo credit: AOC


OverTake is excited to announce their first partner for the upcoming Clash of Racers II Twitch event on December 13. AOC, a global leading monitor brand, will join the esports racing showdown. Not only are they helping us to make the second live-stream even more exciting, AOC will also give away high quality monitors that are perfect to enjoy racing games.

Win an AOC gaming monitor that is made for esports racing

AOC is giving away three top monitors for Clash of Racers II. Two lucky winners of our special livery contest can get their hands on one C32G2AE/BK each. This monitor has a large curved 31.5″ VA display and 165 Hz refresh rate, 1 ms response time and FreeSync Premium. This means you get great picture quality, and the monitor is perfectly synched with your GPU. You can find more information on the contest below.

Get creative and win a C32G2AE/BK. Photo credit: AOC

Not everyone is a born Picasso, so don’t worry if you don’t have any artistic drive. Viewers of the stream can win a monitor as well, the ultra-immersive AOC AGON AG493UCX. This model is a HDR400 49″ ultra-wide curved piece with 120 Hz refresh rate and a VA panel. In short: the display shows a wide color gamut, has a crystal-clear image quality and is perfect to give you a feeling of being in a race car.

Do you want to win this beauty? Then stay tuned for more information on how to enter the giveaway!

The AOC AG493UCX could soon be yours. Photo credit: AOC

AOC – high quality monitors for every gaming genre

AOC is an electronics company and one of the global top brands in the display market. They are headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan and operate worldwide. AOC is a subsidiary of TPV Technology Limited, the world’s largest LCD manufacturer. The company offers a variety of monitors that cater to all needs and every type of user. Products range from displays that are specially designed for professional use, entertainment, home and most importantly: gaming and esports.

As every genre of gaming benefits from different specs and technologies, AOC develops monitors that are tailored to the needs of every gamer. Whether you prefer casual titles, Triple A masterpieces or first-person shooters, AOC offers a monitor just for that. For racing fans, a curved monitor is the perfect choice to grant a full overview of the track and create the most immersive feeling. On top of creating high quality products, AOC is also a partner of Red Bull Gaming and their G2 Esports teams.

Check out AOC’s products:

What is Clash of Racers II?

Clash of Racers II is the second instalment of OverTake’s live-show on our Twitch channel. We want to celebrate the variety of racing games in a fun special event. On December 13, two teams will race against each other in several titles. Team RED and Team GREEN will be represented by some of the most popular personalities in esports racing, with one captain and four racers per team. Our heroes will compete in fun and challenging racing games to fight for the special Clash of Racers trophy.

Fans have the chance to be part of the event as well. As the drivers of Team RED and Team GREEN need an appropriate style when trying to beat their opponents, the community is invited to design the liveries in a unique contest. There will be two winners, and each of them receives a brand-new AOC C32G2AE/BK gaming monitor, as well as a TAG Heuer Connected watch. You can find more information in the two articles below.



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