GOG: Over 850 games and some racing titles on sale

GOG: Over 850 games and some racing titles on sale

Discounts of up to 91% for a wide array of games are available at GOG.com until November 2.

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The digital distribution platform GOG.com has officially entered the Halloween season with quite a treat for the gaming community: from October 26 to November 2, over 850 games on the platform are available at a discount. For some titles, the price will even drop by 91%.

The chills are on sale this Halloween

Discounted games will naturally include a large number of horror titles as they fit the season best. All three parts of the renowned Outlast series are featured on the discount list, with the first one down to $3, Whistleblower being yours for $1,34 and part two costing a rather fitting $6,66. While the discounts for these three are already between 80 and 85%, the all-time Horror-classic Amnesia: The Dark Descent tops it all off with a 90% discount. The iconic title has dropped from $20 to as little as $2.

The latest representatives of the horror genre are not missing from the discount list: Bloober Team’s Blair Witch from 2019 is down to half of its original price, now costing $17,85 in the standard edition. Besides that, Maid of Sker, which was released in July 2020, is available for $23,79 at a 20% discount.

Retro Racing on a discount

GOG also features a few racing games in their Halloween sale. Speedbusters: American Highways is an arcade rally game from 1998 delivering an authentic retro racing experience for less than a dollar in the sale. POD Gold came out one year earlier and takes more of a sci-fi-approach to the arcade-genre – this gem as well is up for only $1,49 at the moment. Last but not least in the retro racing genre, Slipstream 5000 joins the discount list. The arcade racer features racing in aircrafts as well as a multiplayer – all of that in a 70% discount for only $1,79.

Ubisoft’s Driver: Parallel Lines from 2007 is another racing game that has received a 75% discount in the Halloween sale. The action rally game features over 80 cars that are not only for driving, but also explicitly for crashing them – the “action” is to be taken quite literal. Anyway, the game aspires to give an authentic 70s New York City-feeling along some high-speed racing – all of that being available for only $3 at the moment!

Spooky indie games and RPGs as a treat

GOG’s discount event is aimed at but not limited to horror games. Indie titles like Motion Twin’s Dead Cells get a chance as well: the 2D “souls-lite” game can be yours for roughly $24 instead of the original $30. At the other end of the spectrum, the couch co-op franchise Overcooked is not excluded from the Halloween sale. Ghost Town Games’ chaotic multiplayer game is 75% off and can provide up to four players with hilarious online gameplay for roughly $6.

The first-person sci-fi RPG The Outer Worlds from 2020 is another big title on the list. The newest title from Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division is 50% off right after its initial release on October 23 – this means broad gameplay for at least $36 instead of $72.

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