Gran Turismo 7: 1.11 patch increases payouts and more

Gran Turismo 7: 1.11 Increases Payouts and More

Gran Turismo 7

Higher payouts and new endurance races are just some of the additions that have come to Gran Turismo 7 in the latest patch.

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After an immensely unpopular amendment to the in-game economy within Gran Turismo 7 less than a month after the game’s release, Polyphony Digital have followed up on their promise of making it much easier to play the game and earn in-game credits. They’ve also taken the liberty of adding a couple new extra modes which we will cover here.

Payout increases

First up is the one everyone has been waiting for. Payouts have been increased in a number of the World Circuit events, there are plenty of new events that have been added and there has also been an increase in Arcade and Custom races.

This also applies to Circuit Experience, and players who got the rewards from Circuit Experience before the patch will be granted the difference by going into the sector selection screen and exiting with the Exit button. For anyone who hasn’t done these before, doing the Nordschleife circuit experience can earn about 5,000,000 credits!

Then there’s also payout increases in Daily Races and Lobbies. However, there still hasn’t been any movement on being able to change lobby settings when in the lobby, so players will likely still need to back out in order to change the settings of a room they are hosting.

Image credit: Polyphony Digital

New races

In the ‘Missions’ section on the World Map are some new one hour long races which are collectively named ‘The Human Comedy’. These become available when players reach Collector Level 23 and each endurance event can net players 1,200,000 credits. Not bad at all, and certainly a lot better than the previous patch’s maximum payouts per hour being capped at 850,000 credits.

Speaking of credits, up until now players could only keep a maximum of 20,000,000 credits in the bank. But now, in this latest patch, that has been upped five times over. Yes, 100,000,000 credits! There is also an increase of the amount of cars available in the Used and Legendary Cars dealers, as well as how long an invitation lasts in Brand Central in which players can only purchase certain cars for a limited time, up from 14 to 30 days.

To read all the changes in this latest patch, read it up on Gran Turismo‘s official website.

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