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Gran Turismo 7: 25th January Weekly Challenges and Time Trial

Gran Turismo 7

This week in Gran Turismo 7, five new weekly challenge races and a new time trial are now available. Complete them and credits can be earned.

It is Thursday which means a new reset in the Gran Turismo 7 weekly challenges, and also a new Sport Mode Lap Time Challenge available for all players. Plus, a brand new content update is available.

Here is all you need to know if you are planning on tackling this week’s new GT7 limited-time events.

Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges, w/c 25th January 2024

For this week, you will need the following: A road car. A Nissan Silvia. A Turbo car of 700 PP or less. A Honda Civic Type R (EK). A car of 800 PP or less.

Here are the events: 

  • Sunday Cup Classic, Goodwood Motor Circuit – 2 laps – Any road car – 1st 5,000 credits (Recommended PP – 350)
  • Silvia Sisters, Deep Forest Raceway Reverse – 3 laps – Any Nissan Silvia model – 1st 45,000 credits (Recommended PP – 500)
  • Race of Turbo Sportscars, Grand Valley Highway 1 Reverse – 5 laps – Any Turbo car (700 PP maximum) – 1st 90,000 credits
  • Special Event (One Make), Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit – Honda Civic Type R (EK) – 1st 78,000 credits
  • World Touring Car 800, Tokyo Expressway East Clockwise – 10 laps – Any car (800 PP maximum) – Racing Tyres, 7x fuel consumption, 10x tyre wear – 1st 200,000 credits
GT7 Weekly Challenges races for the week of 25th January
The events to complete the weekly challenges this week in Gran Turismo 7Image credit: Polyphony Digital

To meet the requirement needed to complete the weekly challenges, third-place finishes are the minimum target. The maximum payout totals to 418,000, which does not include the 50% increase if you manage to earn the Clean Race Bonus. That then totals to 627,000 credits!

As you complete the events, you will also earn bonus prizes, which this week are as follows: 

  • Complete one event – credit ticket, 100,000
  • Complete three events – credit ticket, 150,000
  • Complete five events – credit ticket, 500,000

We highly recommend for the Silvia Sisters race to ignore the PP limit, just go ahead and tune your car in the Tuning Shop. All opponents have their cars modified and will walk away from a stock Silvia.

An ongoing race in Gran Turismo 7 from player POV bonnet cam.
Keep a lookout for OverTake’s very own Emily Jones in any of the races you compete in! Image credit: Polyphony Digital

Then for the World Touring Car 800 race, weather does factor in and may be different across multiple attempts of the race. Keep your weather radar open and have wet weather tyres for when you pit.

Gran Turismo 7 Lap Time Challenge, w/c 25th January 2024

Also for this week, a new Lap Time Challenge and it consists of the latest addition to Gran Turismo 7, the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta VGT Concept. If you completed the Viewers Campaign for the Gran Turismo World Finals for the Manufacturers Cup, you will be able to claim it in your Garage’s Gift section.

Otherwise, it is available in Brand Central for 1,000,000 credits. However you can rent the car for the time trial if you do not want to purchase it.

GT7 Lap Time Challenge for the week of 25th January
Do not worry if you have not got the car you need, it can be rented. Image credit: Polyphony Digital

The event for this week is on the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, of course a very notoriously high-speed circuit with heavy braking zones and slow corners. The Genesis is very prone to spinning its wheels due to the instant torque from its electric motor, so take care navigating the exits of corners. May be worth short-shifting upon leaving the corner.

Plus, the braking is very tricky. The car will require heavy braking quite early in the approach to a corner, T1 required braking at 200 metres and even then we found ourselves overshooting the corner. Keep that in mind if you intend on tackling the time trial this week.

As ever, reward payouts are on a sliding scale and paid out once entry is closed on 2 February: 

  • Within 3% of the world record time – Gold – 2,000,000 credits 
  • Within 5% of the world record time – Silver – 1,000,000 credits 
  • Within 10% of the world record time – Bronze – 250,000 credits

Remember, throughout the entry period, the target times will get smaller as more people set times. So if you set a time within 3% of the world record time today, by the time the event ends it may not even be within 10%.

Below are the regulations:

  • Entry Period: 25 January 2024 – 6:59 am GMT 8 February 2024 
  • Track: Autodromo Nazionale Monza
  • Specific Car: Genesis X Gran Berlinetta VGT Concept
  • Useable tyres: Sports: Soft 
  • BoP/Tuning Prohibited: High-speed 
  • Car settings: Specified 
  • Shortcut Penalty, Wall Collision Penalty: Invalidate Time 

Do you intend to complete the weekly challenges and lap time challenge this week in Gran Turismo 7Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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