A high up angle shot of the Nurburgring DTM layout's shortcut hairpin.

Gran Turismo 7 adds 5 New Cars in Update 1.31

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.31 sees the addition of five new cars, alternate layouts for the Nürburgring and even a frame rate boost for PS5 users.

Image credit: Polyphony Digital

Another new content drop has arrived on Gran Turismo 7, and players can pick up the likes of a racecar, some family cars and even classic Porsche sportscars from the legends dealership.

Additionally, there are new layouts for the Nürburgring. Here’s all that is available in Update 1.31.

New Cars

First up are the two family cars: the Toyota Alphard Executive Lounge and Mazda3 X Burgundy Selection. They can be found in their respective brands in Brand Central, and are sold for 75,000 CR and 37,000 CR respectively. The Toyota is the car of choice for the new Time Trial event around the shorter Autopolis circuit.

In the Legends Cars dealer are the two retro Porsche sportscars. There’s the 959 which sells for 1,750,000 CR and the 904 Carrera GTS which sells for 2,500,000 CR. The 959 was an incredibly iconic performance car from the late 80s, and was the car with the highest top speed in the world before the Ferrari F40 came along.

An Audi RS5 DTM on the first sector of the Nurburgring
Image credit: Polyphony Digital

Finally, perhaps the car that will perhaps be the most popular with players is the Audi RS5 Turbo DTM. It’s part of the Gr. 2 category along with the cars from the Super GT championship, and was developed to the same Class 1 regulations as Super GT as the intention was to create a merger. That ultimately never happened, and the series transitioned to GT3 regulations.

The RS5 Turbo DTM can be found in Brand Central and is sold for 1,000,000 credits.

What Else is New?

With the inclusion of the DTM car, it’s only appropriate that the DTM layout of the Nürburgring is added. The DTM series has typically raced the shorter Sprint layout, which makes a detour from the exit of T5 and loops around to T11, skipping the bottom section of track including the Michael Schumacher-S.

Along with that is the Endurance layout, which is the Sprint layout and the Nordschleife. Like the 24h layout, it makes use of the quicker chicane before making the detour towards the Nordschleife. There are a couple of new events in the World Circuits option, one of them is a World Touring Cars 800 race, which could pay out 200,000 CR for three laps.

A menu from Gran Turismo 7 with a tab saying 'Display Settings' in the top left.
Image credit: Polyphony Digital

There’s one final big surprise for PS5 users though. If you go into Display Settings, there’s an option now for 120 Hz output, which means the game can run up to 120 frames per second if your screen is compatible.

Unfortunately, the ‘Race Together’ Sophy AI event has ended as of 29 March. Therefore PS5 users no longer have access to it.

For a full breakdown of what has come with Update 1.31, the patch notes can be read here.

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