Polyphony to make big GT7 changes after backlash

Polyphony to make big GT7 changes after backlash

After a lot of criticism and dissatisfied players, it would seem Polyphony are on their way to righting some wrongs in Gran Turismo 7. They have promised a million extra credits, additional races coming to the game and the ability to sell cars.Image credit: Polyphony Digital

In a statement released on the official PlayStation Blog, Polyphony have outlined plans going forward to rectify the imbalance of the current in-game econonmy. Set to release in April, it will feature many changes for the better.

What does it include?

As a token of good will, players can expect to log on before 25 April and recieve an extra million credits free of charge (providing they owned the game before 25 March). There will also be increases to payouts in World Circuits, Circuit Experience and Online Races, with all payouts increasing to twice the amount they are right now.

There will also be eight new one-hour endurance races added to Missions which are expected to have higher payouts, with plans at one point to also add 24 hour races to Missions. They also intend to add in more options in World Circuits, whether they be more layouts to pre-existing circuits or entirely new additions.

The maximum number of credits will no longer be 20 million, Polyphony will now increase it to 100 million, and the cars in the Legends and Used dealers will discounted more often. Finally, something that many players expected to be the case from the very beginning, is the fact that cars will now be able to be properly sold. Before, even cars that players had bought with in-game credits could only be discarded.

This is music to the ears of the entire Gran Turismo community who are encouraged to see that Polyphony are taking the measures to correct everything. There isn’t an exact time period that all these features will be added in but it’s to be believed that they’ll be added into GT7 in the next few months, some earlier than others.

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