A McLaren MP4/4 in Gran Turismo 7.

New GT7 Update Adds Senna’s McLaren

Gran Turismo 7

Another month, another content drop in Gran Turismo 7. This time it’s a historic F1 car and a few other surprise additions.

Image credit: Polyphony Digital

Patch 1.20 has just arrived for Gran Turismo 7 and the headline addition is the 1988 McLaren MP4/4. This is the car that Ayrton Senna drove in his first season with McLaren and with it, he won his first of three championships.

The MP4/4 was leaked to be on the way in a data-mine that we covered, further lending credence to the idea that the cars on that list will indeed come to Gran Turismo 7. But also added along with the MP4/4 were two other cars.

The Porsche Cayman GT4 has also been added. This is the road car version, not to be confused with the Gr.4 category car which races to GT4 regulations. Then there is the Pontiac GTO ‘The Judge’, which along with the MP4/4 will appear at some point in the Legends Cars dealer, whereas the Porsche can be found in Brand Central.

There is one more car, the De Tomaso Mangusta. It’s not a new addition, but rather part of a collaboration between Gran Turismo and Dior – which was announced at the World Series Showdown live show – there will be a special edition of the car with Dior colours along with a special race suit with Dior branding.

What Else Is There?

There are two new Café Menu Books that have been added with new collections to obtain. The collections are themed around Abarth and Gr.2 racing cars, and they unlock at Collector Level 27 and 38 respectively.

Aside from that, there is another major headline addition. The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has received some new configurations. The Spanish Grand Prix track’s new layouts include the ‘no chicane’ version, which removes the universally unpopular final chicane towards the end of the lap. Long after being added in 2007 to turn what was a widely considered to be enjoyable, flowing last two corners, it’s not difficult to imagine that many players will opt for the ‘no chicane’ option.

There’s also the national circuit. This, instead of the typical run up to turn one, now features a hairpin which shortcuts towards the Grand Prix layout’s turn seven. But the final new configuration may prove to be immensely popular.

Overview of the Barcelona rallycross circuit in Gran Turismo 7.
Players can now go rallycross racing in Gran Turismo 7! Image credit: Polyphony Digital

The short rallycross layout of the Catalunya circuit will be familiar to players of the DIRT titles. It plays host to FIA World RX and is confined within the Grand Prix circuit’s last sector, starting on the leadup to Turn 10 and uses the GP’s final chicane as a hairpin to take the joker lap.

Whilst there have been part tarmac part gravel tracks in Gran Turismo titles, there hasn’t been any short Rallycross-esque circuits before. RX is a very popular discipline with its short, quickfire races that require maximum attack. So grab a Gr.B car and give it a go.

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