A grey Nissan Skyline R32 on Gran Turismo 7.
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Gran Turismo 7 update adds Purchasable Engine Swaps

Gran Turismo 7

The latest update to Gran Turismo 7 has not only added three new cars but also a feature that wasn’t exactly implemented properly at launch.

Update 1.34 is now available to download on Gran Turismo 7, adding three new cars to the game and a selection of other content.

Along with these cars are a few new single-player races, a new section in the tuning shop and new locations in scapes.

GT7 Update 1.34: What Is New?

The first new addition sits in Brand Central, the Greening Auto Company Maverick which costs 300,000 CR. It was built for the SEMA Motor Show, which makes up the theme of a new Extra Menu in the Café. This is completed by obtaining the Maverick, Eckert’s Rod & Custom Mach Forty and GReddy Fugu Z. Completing this earns the player a 5-Star Roulette Ticket.

The other two cars feature in the Legends Cars section. The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Veloce GT costs 180,000 CR and the Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R NISMO is up for 400,000 CR. The latter also makes up an Extra Menu that can earn players a 5-Star Roulette Ticket. This also features the Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth and BMW M3 Sport Evolution.

Three sports sedan cars with a bearded man relaying information at the bottom of the screen.
Get ready to sit through Luca’s anecdotes again. Image credit: Polyphony Digital

There are other additions in the form of new Scapes locations; the Lake District in Cumbria, England and the National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan. Plus, a new section in the tuning shop called Ultimate. Here, you’ll find performance enhancing options beyond the previously maximised Extreme options.

But perhaps the biggest addition is a feature many players haven’t had the fortune of accessing.

Engine Swaps

We all remember during the initial reveal trailer, seeing a Volkswagen Beetle going along at usual pace on one side. But on the other? The car moving at speed typical of the Herbie movies. This was all possible because of an engine swap, something new to the games.

Engine Swaps have already been in Gran Turismo 7 since launch. However, perhaps only a minority of players were able to take advantage of it. Engines were only accessible from roulette tickets, and most players rarely received anything more than the smallest money pile.

But now, all players need to do is go into GT Auto and buy an engine swap. It will cost 100,000 CR for the swap and an extra amount depending on the compatible engine. But it is worth noting that players must have Collector Level 50 to gain access to this feature.

In multiplayer lobbies, there are options in the settings to restrict the use of vehicles with engine swaps or special tuning parts. Additionally, cars with these options will include a new value calculation number in the Used Dealer if the player were to sell the car.

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