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Gran Turismo 7 Update: Version 1.38 Adds Mazda Racecar

Gran Turismo 7

Update 1.38 is now available for Gran Turismo 7, and with it come three new cars, more races and even new engine swaps.

Another month, another update for Gran Turismo 7 with three new cars. All three are hatchbacks, including a tuned Honda Civic, a modern Civic Type-R and even a racecar version of the Mazda 3.

The latest Gran Turismo 7 title update 1.38 includes all of them and more.

GT7 Update 1.38: New Content

The headline car from this update is the aforementioned Mazda3 Group 4 racecar, which can be found in Brand Central for 350,000 credits. It is based on an actual racing model of the Mazda3 which competes in the Japanese Super Taikyu series.

This car was actually revealed in-game early as part of an onsite esports event. It will provide a good alternative for drivers who represent Mazda in the Manufacturers Cup who, up until now, could only drive the Atenza in Gr.4 events.

Next up is the Garage Civic RCR, the next in the line of SEMA Award winning cars in GT7. It costs 300,000 credits, again rather on the expensive side. Finally, the last new addition to the car list is the brand new Honda Civic Type-R FL5 model, which comes in at a comparatively inexpensive 50,000 credits.

However, these are not the only new additions to Brand Central. Cars that were previously only accessible through other means are now available to purchase or claim. This includes the Toyota GR Corolla Morizo Edition which is 71,500 credits, and the Toyota Himedic Ambulance, which players can claim for free.

New Activities

To the bemoaning of many within the community, the update once again does not feature any new tracks. But there are some new races to sink one’s teeth into. Additionally, two Extra Menus themed around Toyota GR cars and Porsche supercars provide a 6-star engine roulette ticket.

There are also new Scapes locations in the Nissan section in Brand Central. Some of these are on Nissan’s proving grounds, the Tochigi test track.

A Porsche 918, Carrera GT and 959 in a row inside a warehouse.
Some new Extra Menus are available to complete now. Image credit: Polyphony Digital

A welcome addition to the pre-race screen is a weather graphic. Players should no longer be caught out by starting on the wrong type of tyres. Additionally, the update introduces a graphic for when cars that have gone off track will be reset back on.

For more about update 1.38 to Gran Turismo 7, click here for the official announcement page by Polyphony.

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