Gran Turismo 7’s 1.42 January Update All You Need To Know
Images: Taken by OverTake in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7’s 1.42 January Update: All You Need To Know

Gran Turismo 7

It’s here, the first notable update for Gran Turismo 7 in 2024, here is the full changelog plus a guide to the new events and rewards. 

Update 1.42 may only add three cars (one of which is not available to most people until February), but it also sees new single-player races arrive and rewards to claim. 

As Gran Turismo 7 updates go, however, this is a relatively minor one – like Polyphony Digital is still recovering from a rather heavy New Year’s Day party… The significant Spec II update landed in November. 

This will only see the level of disgruntled posts about a lack of the new Mustang GT3 or a Nissan R390 GT1 increase. There’s no new track either, the last being the fictional snow-covered Lake Louise. 

On the flip side, this update is gratis, and… Jimny. 

Here are the most important new additions to the game this month, as we look forward to what February or March may bring as GT7 closes on its second anniversary. 

Two new cars in January 

Gran Turismo 7 1.42 January 2024 Update - Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept

While the update trailer and patch notes clearly state three cars, only two are available today following the update: 

  • Suzuki Jimny XC ’18 – 261.71pp – Brand Central, 18,000 credits 
  • Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept – 793.02pp – Brand Central, 1,000,000 credits 

The Genesis is a 1071hp, single-seater (with roof), 10,000 rpm screamer of a coupe – designed by the real-world car creation team as a ‘vision’ of what a luxury racing car could be. According to the company, that is. 

The Jimny, meanwhile is a diminutive off-roader, with a body-on-frame construction and permanent all-wheel drive. In this Kei car configuration, it has a 658cc Turbocharged engine and a pitiful 63bhp. 

Suzuki Jimny modifications 

Gran Turismo 7 1.42 January 2024 Update - Suzuki Jimny modifcations

That turbo though means the engine is eminently tuneable, however, and within GT Auto there is a host of adorable visual customisation options available. 

From tough side-protection bars, deleting the rear-mounted spare wheel, different front grilles and even new bumpers. Combine that with different wheels and the community’s appetite for sharing liveries – several are available already – then modifications seem to be this car’s strong suit. 

How to unlock the Bulgari Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo 

Gran Turismo 7 1.42 January 2024 Update - Bulgari Car Collection

Controversially, the virtual concept car designed in collaboration between developers Polyphony Digital and the Italian fashion house is only available currently if you purchase a £4,490/€5,200 watch. 

So, it appears as a greyed-out shadow within the Car Collection deck, but there’s no way of picking it up from Brand Central. Watch owners instead can scan a QR code and redeem the car currently. 

This is set to change in “late February” according to Sony. Of note, Bulgari isn’t even listed as a brand currently within the dealership, so we expect at least a game update next month to add that, and hopefully further content. 

Once it is available, we expect the Bulgari Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo to have 394bhp and weigh 1,000kg for 619.47 in-game PP. 

New Café Menu Book 

Gran Turismo 7 1.42 January 2024 Update -Jimny Cafe Menu Book

The ‘main’ single player ‘career’, if you could call it that, in Gran Turismo 7 is at the Café, and a new book has been added: 

Menu Book No.50: ‘Jimny Cup’ (Collector Level 28 and above) 

Naturally, this includes the following three races in the new Suzuki Jimny. You will need to buy both dirt and snow tyres for it, and we recommend at least some form of performance tuning as your AI rivals are not standard. You must use the off-roader, but there’s no PP limit. 

  • Jimny Cup Sardegna Windmills – two laps, 30,000 credits 
  • Jimny Cup Willow Springs International Raceway – four laps, 40,000 credits 
  • Jimny Cup Lake Louise – three laps, 35,000 credits
  • Bonus reward: Finish third or higher across all three races and earn a four-star roulette ticket.

Two New Extra Menus 

Extra Menus within the Café deliver rewards for collecting three specific cars. Two of these have been added in version 1.42: 

No.34 Nissan Motorsports 

Gran Turismo 7 1.42 January 2024 Update - Nissan Motorsport Extra Menu

Purchase, or already own the following cars: 

  • Nissan Skyline Super Silhouette Group 5 ‘84 (Legend Cars) 
  • Nissan R92CP ‘92 (Legend Cars) 
  • Nissan GT-R GT500 ‘99 (Legend Cars) 

Reward: Six-star roulette ticket 

No.35 Dodge 

Gran Turismo 7 1.42 January 2024 Update - Dodge Extra Menu

Purchase, or already own the following cars: 

  • Dodge Charger R/T 426 Hemi ‘68 (Legend Cars) 
  • Dodge Viper GTS ‘02 (Brand Central) 
  • Dodge Challenger SRT Demon ‘18 (Brand Central) 

Reward: Six-star roulette ticket 

10 New Engine Swap Combinations 

Gran Turismo 7 1.42 January 2024 Update - Mercedes 190E engine swap

One of the dafter elements of Gran Turismo 7 is the ability to place an incongruous engine from one car into another. There’s an ever-growing list of compatible swaps, which can be simply purchased from GT Auto. 

Such as a Mercedes-AMG GT3 engine inside an early 1990s saloon or the Lexus LFA V10 inside a Supra? Both are possible… 

Here are the 10 latest additions: 

  • Dodge Charger R/T 426 Hemi ’68 – Challenger Demon supercharged V8, 200,000 credits 
  • Ford F-150 SVT Raptor ’11 – Windsor 351 Maverick V8, 250,000 credits 
  • Garage RCR Civic – HR-414E-NSX, 500,000 credits 
  • Jaguar XJ220 ’92 – V12 XJR-9, 1,600,000 credits 
  • Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II ’91 – M159 AMG GT3 ‘20, 340,000 credits 
  • Nismo 400R ’95 – VR38DETT GT-R Nismo, 193,500 credits 
  • Toyota GR Supra RZ ’19 – 2JZ-GTE Supra, 210,000 credits 
  • Toyota GR Supra RZ ’20 – 1LR-GUE LFA V10, 850,000 credits 
  • Toyota Alphard Executive Lounge ’18 – 1LR-GUE LFA V10, 850,000 credits 
  • Toyota Corolla Levin 3Door 1600GT APEX (AE86) ’83 – 3S-GTE-MR2, 135,000 credits 

Two Further World Circuits Races 

Alongside the aforementioned Café Menu Book, which adds three Jimny-exclusive races, two further fresh single-player events are also now available: 

  • Vision Gran Turismo Trophy: Monza Circuit – Any Vision Gran Turismo car below 800pp – Five laps, 85,000 credit reward 
  • Vision Gran Turismo Trophy: Tokyo Expressway South Counterclockwise – Any Vision Gran Turismo car below 800pp – Five laps, 85,000 credit reward 

Online Time Trial and Weekly Challenges 

Of course, each week, a new online time trial and weekly challenge single-player playlist appear. Today is no exception, with the details for each to be detailed in a separate OverTake article. 

Nations Cup Special Event Line-up 

Gran Turismo 7 1.42 January 2024 Update - Nations Cup 2024 Exhibition Round 4

Now the January update has arrived, the schedule for the final Nations Cup Exhibition race is also complete. 

For the uninitiated, think of these as ‘special events’ for ranked multiplayer, with points tallying for each round based on your relevant performance. Each event will only happen on one day, with a select of available times. 

Round 4 will use the new Jimny around Lake Louise – because of course, it does… 

Further tweaks 

Other less notable additions include new Scapes for portrait images and Japanese service stations, revised AI behaviour in wet conditions, additional car design conversations in the Café and lessoning a ‘Player 1’ advantage in split-screen. 

The full changelog is listed below thanks to Sony. Following this relatively small update, what would you like to see in 2024 from Gran Turismo 7? Let us know in the comments below or on X, @OverTake_gg. 

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.42 January 2024 changelog

Main Features Implemented

1. Cars
- The following three new cars have been added:
・BVLGARI Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo
・Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept
・Suzuki Jimny XC ’18

Those who purchase the ‘BVLGARI Aluminum Gran Turismo Limited Model’ chronograph watch and register via the QR code will receive this car as a free gift before the official release. The car will be available for regular purchase from Brand Central in late February.

2. World Circuits
- The following new events have been added to ‘World Circuits’:
・Jimny Cup
- Sardegna Windmills
- Willow Springs International Raceway
- Lake Louise
・Vision Gran Turismo Trophy
- Monza Circuit
- Tokyo Expressway

3. Brand Central
- The following brands have been added to the Museum:

4. Café
- The following Menu Books have been added:
・Menu Book No.50: ‘Jimny Cup’ (Collector Level 28 and above);

- The following Extra Menus have been added:
・Extra Menu No.34: ‘Collection: Nissan Motorsports’ (Collector Level 46 and above);
・Extra Menu No.35: ‘Collection: Dodge’ (Collector Level 32 and above);

– Added new sets of conversations with the Car Designers and Characters appearing in the Café. These new conversations can be accessed by changing to the following cars in ‘Garage’ and speaking with the Characters in the Café:

- Ed Welburn
・GT by Citroën Road Car
・Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupé ’54

- Fabio Filippini
・Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR T.M. EDITION Special Color Package ’00
・Porsche Taycan Turbo S ’19
・Renault Clio R.S. 220 Trophy ’16
・Toyota Celica GT-Four Rally Car (ST205) ’95

- Freeman Thomas
・Porsche 917 LIVING LEGEND
・RUF CTR3 ’07

- Hideo Kodama
・Mercedes-Benz S Barker Tourer ’29
・Toyota Prius G ’09

5. GT Auto
- Car Maintenance & Service
Engine Swaps have been added for the following cars (Unlocked at Collector Level 50):
・Dodge Charger R/T 426 Hemi ’68
・Ford F-150 SVT Raptor ’11
・Garage RCR Civic
・Jaguar XJ220 ’92
・Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II ’91
・Nismo 400R ’95
・Toyota GR Supra RZ ’19
・Toyota GR Supra RZ ’20
・Toyota Alphard Executive Lounge ’18
・Toyota Corolla Levin 3Door 1600GT APEX (AE86) ’83

6. Scapes
- The ‘Service Areas’ and ‘Turn the camera vertically’ locations have been added as a featured Curation in Scapes.

Other Improvements and Adjustments

1. World Circuits
- Weekly Challenges
Changed the display that is shown before the bonus menu if an event has not been opened.

2. Physics Simulation Model
- Adjusted the stability of rival cars in wet conditions.

3. Multiplayer
- Fixed an issue where Player 1 would be at an advantage in ‘Split Screen Race.’

4. GT Auto
- Adjusted the colour and quality of the following paint:
・Aston Martin Ocellus Teal

5. Localisation
- Fixed various text localisation issues.

6. Others
- Various other issues have been addressed.