Gran Turismo 7’s Latest Sport Mode Daily Races - Snow Fun
Images: Taken in GT7 by OverTake

Gran Turismo 7’s Latest Sport Mode Daily Races: Snow Fun

Gran Turismo 7

Here are the ranked Sport Mode multiplayer races within Gran Turismo 7, for the week commencing 29th January 2024.

Three fresh race combinations are now live in the virtual set menu that is Gran Turismo 7’s Sport Mode. 

Each is a ranked race, taking your qualifying time and safety rating (from prior events) into account when matchmaking. Races B and C also factor in your driver rating when forming the lineup. 

This week features one of the most wonderfully bizarre creations, plus the more sedate Gr.3 and Gr.2 racing car events.

Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races, Sport Mode, 29th January 2024

Race A 

Lancia Stratos Gran Turismo 7 Sport Mode Snow

Gran Turismo 7 developer Polyphony Digital knows how to let its hair down. That’s evidenced by adding the Suzuki Jimny in the recent game update, and by this epic combination.

Take on, rarified, Lancia Stratos – Ferrari engine in the middle, power to the rear, cheese-lege wedge design and all. Then place it on the snowy Lake Louise circuit.#

Mercifully, both the safety rating and driving rating are switched off. Handy, as this is a physical race.

It shouldn’t work, but it does. Let us not forget the Stratos’ prodigious rallying pedigree. Sandro Munari would be proud…

Race B 

Gran Turismo 7 BMW M6 GT3

Following a lively Race A, it is back down to earth for Race B. Gr.3 cars and the longer layout of Watkins Glen.

The fast and slowing circuit is a perfect match for these cars when on your own. During an online race, however, there are few overtaking opportunities.

The quickest car around this venue seems to be the BMW M6 GT3, sprint or endurance, but the Mercedes-AMG GT3 is also up there.

Race C 

Mercedes CLK-LM Gran Turismo 7

After the heavy-damage, road car only, Race C last week, normal service has resumed.

Any Gr.2 you fancy, 14 laps and Deep Forest.

Sounds straightforward, but tyre wear is on 7x and you’ll be only on Racing Soft rubber. A key element you must not avoid is a mandatory pitstop – visit the lane at least once to avoid a costly penalty.

This is a bumpy, twisty, circuit so plumping for a car that’s excellent around the corners would be the presumed best option. Wrong. There’s a loooong back straight, and after the hairpin, a lengthy flat-out section that runs all the way to the first corner.

Therefore, straight-line speed is king, and the Mercedes CLK-LM ’98.

Gran Turismo 7 Sport Mode Daily Races week commencing 29th January 2024

Race A

  • Specified Car: Lancia Stratos ’73
  • Car setting: Specified
  • Track: Lake Louise Short Track
  • Laps: Six
  • No. of cars: 12
  • Start type: Grid start with false start check
  • Fuel: Off
  • Tyres: Off, snow
  • BoP: High-speed
  • DR: Off
  • SR: Off
  • Mechanical damage: Light

Race B

  • Cars: Gr.3
  • Car setting: Partially allowed, brake balance
  • Track: Watkins Glen Lon Course
  • Laps: Four
  • No. of cars: 16
  • Start type: Rolling start
  • Fuel: 1x
  • Tyres: 1x wear, racing medium
  • BoP: Mid-speed
  • DR: On
  • SR: On
  • Mechanical damage: Light

Race C

  • Cars: Gr.2
  • Car setting: Partially allowed, brake balance
  • Track: Deep Forest Raceway
  • Laps: 14
  • No. of cars: 16
  • Start type: Rolling start
  • Fuel: 2x
  • Tyres: 7x wear, racing soft
  • Minimum no. of pitstops: 1
  • BoP: Mid-speed
  • DR: On
  • SR: On
  • Mechanical damage: Light

That’s it for the rundown of Gran Turismo 7’s Sport Mode playlist for the next seven days, but don’t forget there are Time Trials to complete too.

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