Gran Turismo 7's Next Updated Locked In, 25th January
Image: OverTake

Gran Turismo 7’s Next Update Dated 25th January

Gran Turismo 7

Following Kazunori Yamauchi’s teaser, server maintenance has now confirmed the arrival of a Gran Turismo 7 update.

We’ve known since the weekend that a new Gran Turismo 7 update will be arriving ‘next week’, now it has been confirmed for a Thursday 25th January 2024 arrival.

Polyphony Digitial’s racing game for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will undergo server maintenance in two days, during which a patch will be deployed.

Suzuki Jimny, Fourth Generation. Image, Suzuki
Suzuki Jimny, fourth generation. Image: Suzuki

The game will be offline for the following two hours:

  • Start: 25/01/2024 06:00 GMT
  • End: 25/01/2024 08:00 GMT

Based on Yamauchi-san’s social media post, we expect the following three vehicles to be added.

  • Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo
  • Bulgari Aluminium Vision GT
  • Suzuki Jimny, fourth generation
Bulgari Aluminium Vision GT, Nose, Gran Turismo 7 update
Bulgari Aluminium Vision GT. Image: OverTake

A series of new single-player events and smaller tweaks alongside the three new cars is anticipated, but we’ll know more later in the week. No new track has been confirmed as it stands.

Once released, we’ll post a full guide to the latest update. Also expected to change on the upcoming Thursday are the online time trials and weekly challenges. Don’t forget, there’s also a fresh slate of Sport Mode Daily Races presently available.

What would you like to see alongside the three new cars? Let us know in the comments below or on X, @OverTake_gg.