GT Sport: Toyota GR Yaris Drops in Patch 1.62

GT Sport: Toyota GR Yaris Drops in Patch 1.62

Gran Turismo Sport has revealed its latest major addition for the 1.62 update.

Photo credit: Toyota

Gran Turismo Sport has just dropped an update, and with it an exciting new car for players to try out. The vehicle is a very appealing prospect, especially for rally fans.

On Monday, we reported on a tweet made by GT Producer Kazunori Yamauchi which hinted at a mysterious addition to the game. That car has now been revealed as the Toyota GR Yaris, a fact that many had already managed to work out!

The new addition to GT Sport boasts some impressive stats. A turbocharged 3-cylinder engine capable of outputting 257 horsepower will definitely pack a punch.

On top of this, the GR Yaris features a new 4-wheel drive system. This allows for the torque balance between the front and rear axles to be adjusted to suit conditions and various driving styles. What this means is that the car can shift towards either front-wheel or rear-wheel drive at will.

More than just a Hot Hatch

A GR Yaris is not simply any old Yaris. This particular model is directly spawned from the Toyota Yaris WRC, with which Toyota Gazoo Racing won the World Rally Constructor’s Championship in 2018. What’s more, Welsh rally legend Elfyn Evans is leading 2020 WRC driver’s championship at the wheel of a Yaris.
As such, the GR Yaris is a beast in off-road scenarios!

GR Yaris
The GR Yaris is perfectly suited to take on even extreme environments. Photo credit: Cal1 / Creative Commons

The WRC contender is more streamlined than its cousin the regular Yaris. It features a carbon composite roof and a hybrid chassis which Toyota created especially.

GR Yaris Time Trial

GT Sport is also running a time trial contest with the new GR Yaris at the Sardegna – Windmills course. Specifically chosen to allow players to get the most out of the GR Yaris’ 4-wheel drive system, this location ought to be a blast to drive.

GR Yaris' launch with a Time Trial event
Toyota and GT Sport celebrate the GR Yaris’ launch with a Time Trial event. Photo credit: Toyota

Players can enter this contest any time until December 13. Further details on exactly how to sign up and compete in this contest can be found here.

Latest in a Long Line

The Japanese car manufacturer is already well represented in the game. In fact, with the addition of the GR Yaris there are now 26 Toyotas playable in GT Sport. However, you have to go as far back as December 2019, when the Crown Athlete G ’13 was added, for the last time a new Toyota entered the roster.

Being the sporty version of a luxury saloon, the Crown Athlete is the chalk to the GR Yaris’ cheese. There is one similarity between the two, though: both can now be driven flat out in Gran Turismo Sport.

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