New GT Sport Update Prepares for the Olympics

New GT Sport Update Prepares for the Olympics

Polyphony Digital has brought a large update for GT Sport, here are the details that we know of so far.

Photo credit: Polyphony Digital / Gran Turismo

Update 1.65 has just dropped for GT Sport, and, in terms of the size of the new files it is a big one! Weighing in at over three gigabytes, this update doesn’t bring a huge amount in the way of new content. Instead, the focus is on the Olympic Virtual Series, which GT Sport is set to be a part of. The qualifying stages begin on 13 May, so the update is arriving just in time.

What’s new?

Aside from the usual tweaks and fixes that accompany most patches, there are a couple of sizeable changes to the game itself. First off, the penalty system has been revamped a little. The chances of harsh penalties occurring as a result of lag or network issues has been toned down significantly.

This penalty system adjustment comes in the wake of another change earlier this month which made the whole system a little stricter than before. This is good news for those playing in remote locations on faraway servers, as well as for the larger continental regions which will be taking part in the FIA Online Championship.

Another adjustment, and one on which the patch notes a little vague, relates to the fuel consumption rates of group three and four cars. It seems as though the fuel consumption for these cars has generally been taken down a notch.

More to come?

As noted above, it is likely that the majority of the file size of this patch has to do with the qualification stages for the Olympic Virtual Series. Whether this is new assets, a new menu, new liveries or any number of other possible things we cannot yet be sure. Chances are, though, this will all be made clear when the qualifying stages begin on 13 May.

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