F1 car with Infinity Ward logo in a dim lit pit garage.

Call Of Duty to Feature Grand Prix Map

Call of Duty developers Infinity Ward are aiming to capitalise on the recent growth in popularity of Formula 1. A Grand Prix-themed map is on its way to Modern Warfare 2.

Image credit: Infinity Ward

It’s not very often we get to talk about Call of Duty here. However, it’s something of a special occasion. In the leadup to the launch of the latest instalment Modern Warfare 2 in October, Infinity Ward have revealed a map themed around racing.

Named the Marina Bay Grand Prix map, it’s based on the Singapore GP circuit. It will feature in multiplayer as a six vs. six map, and players can hop around the paddock and pitlane. Sadly, all story-mode players who were hoping there would be a rescue mission trying to save a star F1 driver will be disappointed.


What Does the Call of Duty Grand Prix Map Include?

In the teaser released by Infinity Ward, it would appear there is no official branding from F1. The cars aren’t decked out in the liveries of the official teams, and the cars themselves seem to resemble the 2021 cars rather than the current cars. What’s more, they are still noticeably different to the real 2021 machines.

Vehicles aren’t always immune from explosions in the COD games, so players could potentially plant a C4 on an F1 car and blow it up. Or use a ‘noobtube’.

How to Play it

Infinity Ward have stated that the Grand Prix map will be playable in the upcoming MW2 multiplayer beta. PlayStation users will get first access to it on 16 September for early access and 18 September for other players who didn’t get early access. Xbox users will gain access from 22 September for early access players, and the rest will follow on 24 September.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will release in full on 23 October for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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