Lime Rock Park and Sebring coming to GTRevival
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GTRevival: Bell Confirms Sebring and Lime Rock Park

Over the weekend, Straight4 Studios CEO Ian Bell took to X to announce both Sebring and Lime Rock Park for GTRevival in a rather playful way.

Ever since the beginning of the year, the newly created Straight4 Studios team has been firmly in the spotlight. Promising a game perfect for motorsport fans, GTRevival is rapidly approaching with WMD early access kicking off as early as this winter.

In recent weeks, more and more details have emerged about the upcoming sim concerning both features the team is aiming to include and content featuring at launch. Over the weekend, the company’s CEO Ian Bell took to the page formerly known as Twitter to playfully announce a pair of tracks bound for the sim.

Lime Rock Park, Sebring Coming to GTRevival

Indeed, utilising his showman persona, Bell teased fans with a selection of word games akin to crossword hints. Mentioning that he was announcing two new tracks for the game, he allowed his followers to guess at what circuits are coming. Those that guessed correctly will receive the early access version of GTRevival for free.

For the first circuit, Bell offered the original hint, “A four-time champion’s adornment.” With seemingly no-one catching on, the clues became somewhat easier starting out with, “F1 driver’s nickname, jewellery.” Finally, the game concluded when the final clue, “Multi-21 finish, finger band” gave it all away. ‘Seb’ from Sebastian Vettel and ‘Ring’ confirms Sebring to join Interlagos in GTRevival.

Next up, it seems the developer’s followers woke up for the second circuit. Indeed, just one hint sufficed for a trio of fans to guess correctly. “Makrut mineral” lead Infinity848 on X to immediately guess Lime Rock Park.

So there you have it. It seems GTRevival will see the Americas well-represented with Sebring, Lime Rock Park and Interlagos kicking off the track list. So far, we have seen the Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo II in screenshots, though Bell has confirmed it will not feature in the game. However, the Lister Storm GT1 was announced last week whilst Group C machinery also features in a number of screenshots.

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