Lister Storm GT coming to GTRevival
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GTRevival Newsletter Confirms Lister Storm GT as Official Content

In its most recent newsletter, Straight4 Studios has confirmed that the Lister Storm is the first official car signed for GTRevival. Are more GT1 cars on the way?

As a company emerging from the wreckage of countless development teams before it, Straight4 Studios has great history behind it. Indeed, it is essentially the same team that gave us the Project CARS series and GTR.

It is this original title for the team that plays a major part in its new project. Today, we found out that that major part is not just thanks to its name. The most recent Straight4 Studios newsletter reveals that the Lister Storm GT will feature as official content in GTRevival. What does this mean for the game, set for release next year?

Lister Storm GT

Towards the end of the 1990s, after Group C had very much disappeared and as LMP classes were tiring sports car fans, a new GT class emerged. GT1 brought forth a new age of sports car racing in which GT cars were at the forefront of people’s minds. With the class came a number of oddball vehicles.

The most obvious unique creations were the homologation specials like the Porsche 911 Strassenversion, but the Lister Storm was just as infamous. Whilst not baring the outright speed of prototype-esque GT1s, it went on to garner a successful life in the class’ twilight years.

Indeed, despite launching in the mid-1990s, its true years of success came in the FIA GT Championship of the early 2000s. Racing the likes of Saleen, Chrysler Viper and Ferrari, the V12 monster proved rapid. Thanks to low budgets and quirky design, it soon became a fan favourite. That public perception continued with the release of the GTR series focusing on this age of sports car racing.

A fantastic sounding car with unforgiveable handling characteristics, driving it was nothing if not thrilling. Those unlucky enough to miss this pair of releases in their day will get the chance to experience the car now however. Indeed, it is coming to GTRevival, Straight4 Studios’ newest project.

A New GT1 Sim?

Throughout GTRevival‘s marketing campaign, the game has been all about the development team returning to its roots. With this latest announcement, it is clear to see what they mean – but will this trend continue further?

More GT1 cars may be coming to GTRevival
More GT1 cars may be coming to GTRevival – Image credit: Straight4 Studios

Indeed, the big question following this announcement is whether or not more GT1 cars are coming. In previous newsletters, fans noticed the cockpit of the Ferrari 550 GTS, so perhaps many fans’ prayers are being answered with GTRevival.

During our interview with Ian Bell a few weeks ago, he pointed out that every car in GTRevival will fit within a box. Whilst Project CARS was an open sandbox featuring anything and everything, this new game will not be. Instead, it will feature several cars of a similar class. Following this latest announcement, that class may well be GT1.

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