GTRevival Playable Version Ferrari 550 GTS Maranello
Image credit: Straight4 Studios

GTRevival: First Playable Version In The Works

Straight4 Studios has shown losts of screenshots of internal builds – but now, a playable version of GTRevival is the focus. The studio’s October newsletter also confirmed a circuit that had been all but confirmed already.

Aimed to be a spiritual successor to the GTR series, GTRevival is still a bit of a dark horse in the sim racing scene. Thus far, content included mostly early 2000s GT1 machinery, with more historic content being possible as well. Studio Lead Ian Bell keeps sharing screenshots of internal builds of the title on his Twitter profile.

GTRevival: Playable Version Via WMD

Supported via the WMD crowdfunding program that already powered the Project CARS series, the first hands-on version was set to be available by the end of 2023. According to the latest Straight4 newsletter, this may indeed happen.

After big updates to the physics and cars of the internal build, Straight4 is wants to make a WMD version of GTRevival happen. The newsletter reads “now the dev’ team is focused on your WMD build, so let’s hold thumbs and see how that progresses.” While not a promise, this should pique the interest of many sim racers. Could they have the first playable version of GTRevival available by Christmas?

Lime Rock Park Confirmed (Again)

Meanwhile, the newsletter also officially confirmed Lime Rock Park to be featured in GTRevival. This may sound familiar, as Bell had unofficially done so already on Twitter in September. Additionally, Sebring was also included in this unofficial announcement. Both tracks feature in many of the screenshots Bell posted over the last few months.

GTRevival Ferrari 296 GT Sebring
Sebring already exists in an internal GTRevival build. Image credit: Straight4 Studios

More announcements should follow soon. In fact, Straight4 hopes to “be able to spill a few (more precise) beans)” in early December. If you need an overview of what we know about GTRevival so far, we got you covered in the meantime.

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