GTRevival Gameplay shows a Ferrari 296 at Interlagos
Image credit: Straight4 Studios

GTRevival: Straight4 Studios Reveals Early Gameplay Video

Whilst the community eagerly awaits WMD early access, Straight4 Studios has revealed video footage of early GTRevival gameplay. Check it out here.

Ever since the project kicked off early this year, Ian Bell and the Straight4 Studios team have pointed towards a December 2023 Early Access in WMD stage. Well, it is now December and those awaiting the development are none the wiser.

However, it does appear that GTRevival is getting close to a playable version. This morning, Ian Bell took to X to post a link to a short, unlisted YouTube video. The footage shows gameplay of GTRevival as “Physics Guru” Doug Arnao takes a Ferrari 296 GT3 for a spin around Interlagos.

GTRevival Early Gameplay Footage

A two-minute long video shows the S4S team member pounding laps around the circuit. A simplistic way of capturing the footage, the video is simply comes from behind the driver’s shoulder.

Whilst tricky to make out the smallest details, one does get a good view of the Ferrari’s interior as well as the in-game hud.

In his post, Bell admits that everything from physics to graphics are in an early stage of development. Furthermore, he points out that plenty of work will be made to the title. Additions will include head movement physics, audio tweaks and a whole lot more.

With that in mind, the title does already seem to feature in-depth audio. In fact, one can make out chassis and suspension creaking in this GTRevival gameplay video, akin to something one might hear in Assetto Corsa. Elsewhere, the graphics do look to be among those of modern sim racing titles.

As far as content goes, neither the Ferrari nor Interlagos are confirmed as being content in the final release. However, Ian Bell has previously pointed out to us that GT3 cars help the team to develop a physics engine comparable to other titles, also featuring the class. To find out more about the game’s content and other official news on GTRevival, make sure to check out our all-inclusive guide on the game.

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