GTRevival to get iRacing-rivalling online racing platform
Image credit: Straight4 Studios

GTRevival to Get Online Racing Platform to Rival iRacing

In its latest newsletter, Straight4 Studios has announced it is working with Sim Racing System’s creator to rival the iRacing online platform with GTRevival. Mont Tremblant also teased.

GTRevival increasingly intrigues sim racers. Under development by Straight4 Studios and helmed by Ian Bell, the title is set for a private beta release at the end of this year.

Very little is known about the game, other than Bell’s motivation to satisfy the desire of racing fans and the inclusion of the Lister Storm as well as Sebring and Lime Rock Park. Previously, in a chat with the company’s CEO Ian Bell, we learnt that the team is focussing on single player modes with this title. But in a recent newsletter, it seems GTRevival is also looking to challenge the online might of iRacing.

Lister Storm screenshots unveiled in recent Straight4 Studios newsletter
Lister Storm screenshots unveiled in recent Straight4 Studios newsletter. Image credit: Straight4 Studios

GTRevival Online Racing Platform

As part of the September newsletter, Straight4 announces that it is working with Henrique Alves, the man behind Sim Racing System, in order to create the game’s online racing platform. Akin to Low Fuel Motorsport, SRS provides Assetto Corsa players with regularly scheduled online races. It seems the same formula will appear in GTRevival.

In the newsletter, Alves mentions that GTRevival will offer a “competitive system” adding to racers’ virtual careers. He goes on to mention his hope of providing fans with a “solid alternative to the current leader in the sector.” Clearly focusing on iRacing, the title may have a challenge on its hands, with the likes of Low Fuel Motorsport and more recently, rFactor 2 setting up its own online system.

Mont Tremblant on its way?

As aforementioned, GTRevival already has a trio of confirmed tracks. Interlagos, a circuit often seen in development screenshots will join Sebring and Lime Rock Park. But in this most recent blog post, the developers also mention a photography mission to Mont Tremblant.

Situated in Canada, this was a popular racing venue throughout the Can-Am days. It featured a raw layout, winding through the valley, much like Brand Hatch. However, in more recent times, it has fallen off the map, hosting very few major series.

Whilst not officially confirmed for the game, it does appear that Mont Tremblant may be on the studio’s wishlist. Ian Bell is currently holding a competition allowing his followers to guess 10 circuits featuring in the game at launch. The person that guesses all 10 correctly before the end of October will win a Project CARS box print. If no announcement is made earlier, perhaps Bell will confirm this unique Canadian circuit at the end of the month.

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