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GTRevival WMD Crowdfunding Delayed Until 2024

GTRevival, Straight4 Studios’ first scheduled project, has delayed its WMD crowdfunding setup until 2024. The studio’s final newsletter of 2023 informed fans that patience was in order.

Image Credit: Straight4 Studios

GTRevival is one of the most highly anticipated sim titles in the community right now. Being worked on by the majority of the team behind GTR and GTR2, GTRevival aims to ‘Revive’ that feeling of immersion and passion so many got from the GTR franchise.

Ian Bell, the CEO of Straight4 Studios, is ever active on X and the development of the GTRevival project has been very public so far. The delay has a reason. Rather intruguingly, the newsletter states that “we can’t talk about it – yet”.

The project’s delayed crowdfunding is not necessarily a sign that there are issues, though. Delaying the opportunity to crowdfund money shows discipline and a level of calmness to the development that is hard to come by in the fast, cut-throat modern game development scene, especially considering titles like EA Sports WRC and Forza Motorsport feeling rushed out of the gate at their respective launch dates.

Plus, the phrasing in the newsletter hints at a positive reason for the delay – time will tell if that is true.

First Gameplay Trailer

Progress has been shared recently, though. Earlier in December, Bell showed a gameplay trailer featuring a Ferrari 296 GT3. This first bit of footage of the game in action did not tell fans much, but showed that there was more than just the screenshots that have been continuously coming from the Straight4 CEO.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check out the video below and head over to our summary article here on

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