High-speed tournament ‘Dream Team Series 2 powered by OverTake’ to connect virtual racing community

After the tremendous success of the first Dream Team Series in 2021, the tournament aims to unite content creators and their followers by playing their favorite sim racing title: Assetto Corsa by KUNOS Simulazioni and 505 Games.

Berlin, November 10, 2022 OverTake, the content and community brand dedicated to virtual racing, is again uniting content creators and their followers in the virtual racing tournament “Dream Team Series 2 powered by OverTake”. Throughout four races, aired as four episodes, the community has various options for competing in different game modes playing their favorite title, Assetto Corsa. By bringing together content creators and fans, who will form teams to compete in the tournament, OverTake further establishes an ecosystem for everyone in the growing sim racing community. The first episode goes live starting on November 23, 2022, at 6:00 pm CET, and is being broadcasted on OverTake’s YouTube channel.

René Buttler, Product Manager and Host of OverTake’s Nitro Nights:

Virtual racing has played a major role in video game history since the very beginning. With OverTake, we established a brand that provides an environment for players of every skill level and creates compelling content every day. We are excited to connect content creators and their fans during the second round of our Dream Team Series, which perfectly reflects what OverTake is about: to form a strong community of virtual racing enthusiasts.

Dream Team Series 2 will feature four episodes that fully profit from the gameplay range Assetto Corsa has to offer. Each episode provides another challenge including handling different styles of cars and even motorsports such as rallycross and Japanese hillclimb. The episodes will be aired on November 23, and November 30, as well as on December 14, and December 21, 2022. Fans following the OverTake social channels can earn a chance to team up with one of the following participating content creators:

  • TheSLAPTrain1
  • AnaOnAir 
  • Coolkidfrmbx
  • HokiHoshi
  • Jardier
  • Amos Laurito
  • Dan Suzuki
  • Idreau
  • Gamer Muscle 
  • DiePixelHelden
  • LPN05
  • OCRacing  
  • Emily Jones

An entire playlist of all content pieces of the second round starting November 23, 2022, can be found on OverTake’s YouTube channel.

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