Next Automobilista 2 update release will feature historic content

Historic Release for Automobilista 2 Coming Soon

In a recent development update, Reiza announced new content coming to Automobilista 2 including a historic release. Completing several existing DLC packs, the cars and tracks will appear in-sim throughout the month.

Image Credit: Reiza Studios

Automobilista 2 is on the up in recent months with excellent new content coming to the title. With many classic track layouts and historic race cars, AMS2 is seemingly becoming the go-to simracing time machine.

In a development update, Reiza Studios announced several enticing additions coming in March that continue the trend. On Friday, the developer took to Steam to post its March development update in which it detailed everything it is planning in the coming weeks.

Bug fixes and new features feature in the blog post, but content is certainly the focus in this dev update.

What is Formula Inter?

Reiza is a Brazilian organisation and the variety of Brazilian tracks and cars play no role in hiding that fact. But, in recent releases, the sim has focused more on traditional European and North American tracks like Spa and Watkins Glen.

It seems that won’t be the case this month as Reiza is returning to its Brazilian roots for a taste of Formula Inter, a regional single seater series. Providing a first car racing experience for younger drivers exiting karts, this series resembles the likes of Formula 4 and Skip Barber.

The so-called MG15 weighs less than 500kg and produces nearly 200hp from its 2-litre inline four cylinder engine. Much like the Formula Ford racer set to join iRacing this week, the Formula Inter features a five-speed H pattern shifter for the full driving experience. But unlike the Formula Ford, it has wings so drivers can learn the basics of downforce. This should also make for huge slipstreaming opportunities.

Bathurst Joins the Historic Track Pack

Over the next month or so, Automobilista 2 will receive two new tracks for racers to enjoy. Both of which will throwback the bygone years of racing.

The first circuit is a 1983 version of Bathurst. Dropping ‘The Chase’, it features a much longer Conrod straight. Cars will hit top speed on the flat-out section between the end of the mountain and the final corner.

Bathurst 1983 will join Automobilista 2 very soon
Bathurst 1983 will join Automobilista 2 very soon. Image Credit: Reiza Studios

Although much of the layout is the same, the look is much different to today’s Mount Panorama. Today the track is lined with walls, but it seems the 1983 version of the course is more open. Grass lining the sides of the track allow racers to make mistakes and come out the other side.

A Historic Moment for Sim Racing: Next Automobilista 2 Release

The entire sim racing world knows the Nurburgring Nordschleife. But its smaller cousin and predecessor to the GP layout, the Sudschleife, isn’t quite as famous. This shorter track will join the Nurbrugring DLC alongside a 1971 representation of the venue. Thanks to recovered LIDAR data, the track will make its first official appearance in sim racing when it releases at the end of the month.

The Formula Inter MG15 and 1983 version of Bathurst will release with the game’s next update in the coming days. The former is to be included for free in the base game. Bathurst will complete the Historic Track Pack Pt1 DLC. The historic Nurburgring, including the Sudschleife layout will join the sim at the end of March as part of the Nurburgring Pack.

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