New Brazilian F1 Legend DLC For Horizon Chase Turbo

New Brazilian F1 Legend DLC For Horizon Chase Turbo

Paying homage to the three-time F1 world champion and legend of the sport Ayrton Senna, the latest expansion to Horizon Chase Turbo will include cars that the Brazilian raced in his 10 year career.

Image credit: AQUIRIS

Horizon Chase Turbo is a 2018 Brazilian-developed arcade racer for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (through Steam and Epic), Switch, IOS and Android. So it comes as no surprise that in their biggest expansion yet, that they are centring it around the most iconic racing driver to ever come from Brazil, Ayrton Senna.

Price, Content and More

You can now go to the game and buy the Senna Forever pack which will cost you £4.99/€5.99/$5.99 on all the aforementioned platforms (with the exception of IOS and Android where it’s a bit cheaper). A portion of the profits earned will be dedicated to the Ayrton Senna Institute’s educational programs. For that small amount, you get a huge selection of content relating to the man himself.

Senna Career Mode
Image credit: AQUIRIS

Whether you want to drive the Toleman that Senna raced in his first season, the Lotus that he got his first win in or any of his three championship-winning red and white McLaren cars, they’re all there. You can play through Senna’s career in the Single Player Career Mode and also you’re able to enjoy features specific to the Senna Forever content. For instance,a first-person mode in which to race and also the ability to select different setups depending on track and weather conditions.

There is also a mode called World Championship where you can take control of any F1 car you desire in a random selection of races with the handling of all the teams cars differing. The handling may not be Assetto Corsa or even Codemasters F1 game levels of detail but for what is a retro-arcade inspired game, it’ll be enjoyable enough.

In a press release, Ayrton’s niece Bianca had this to say:

This homage to Ayrton is incredible, and I have to thank all of AQUIRIS’ team for it, a Brazilian gaming studio worldwide known in the industry. To be able to partner with a quality company from Brazil is extra special to Senna Brands. I’m sure Ayrton’s fans will love the Horizon Chase expansion, a democratic game for catering for many markets and being multiplatform. It’s great to have the chance to tell Ayrton’s racing career in a different way to a new, younger generation of fans.

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